Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Zodiac 2 - Sleeping Beauty 2
Location: Marine Life Clubroom
Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render

I see~ Well, I wouldn’t mind having summer all year round.

This past year I’ve been working a little harder on idol stuff, so I haven’t been able to go to the beach as often. My frustration’s been building up.

Ahh, I wanna go surfing on the summer sea.

Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render

I see~ Then… when it gets warmer, I’ll go “puka puka” together with Kaoru.

It’s a promise, pinky promise~♪

Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a porcupinefish in my eye~♪

Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render

So in your case, Kanata-kun, it’s a porcupinefish and not a needle?

Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render

Yes. They’re so yummy~, porcupinefish… Drool.♪[1]

Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render

…Mm? What’s up, Anzu-chan?

Sorry, it was just us dudes talking, huh~! Come here, join in! Let’s celebrate the new year together♪

Ahaha. You’re saying it’s amazing that I can have a normal conversation with Kanata-kun?

But you can chat pretty well with him too, Anzu-chan, even though Kanata-kun has problems communicating.

Either you’re amazing, or Kanata-kun has changed…

Either way, it’s a good trend~ It’s stressful to have to ask “what do you mean?” after every little thing, after all.

Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render

Um, Kaoru… I apologize for interrupting your fun talk, but have you seen Souma anywhere?

I asked him to cook the osechi and things for us… so we can’t start without him.

Unfortunately, I am getting hungry too.

In the worst case, I can eat alive some of the fish in the tanks.

Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render

You’ll make yourself sick~ You can’t eat living fish that came out of a tank that hasn’t been cleaned well.

And besides, they’re the fish we’ve worked hard to raise and I’m kinda fond of them, so I’d rather you not eat them.

Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render

Mm~ Letting them die instead of eating them sounds like a worse tragedy to me.

The world revolves around eating and being eaten, it’s not at all a sad thing.

Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render

You’re talking about humans being egotistical? But I think that ego can be called human love.

Anyway. Returning to the topic, I saw Souma around the fountain.

Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render

Fountain? Does Souma want to “puka puka” too…?

But the fountain’s temperature is so low, it’s all frozen now.

Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render

Yeah, that’s why I was wondering what he’s doing there and thought I might call out to him.

But for some reason that boy was just standing there wordlessly jamming his sword in the frozen fountain.

I got chills, so I just ignored it and came to the clubroom.

And I fell right asleep. I’ve been so tired…

It was rough having to go around greeting everyone at the beginning of the year~ Though I guess I have no choice, being born into that kind of family.

Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render

Fufu. I’m the same. And probably Souma too… That’s why I want to take today’s “New Year’s meeting” slowly.

I will go get Souma. We really can’t start if he isn’t here.

…Huh, you will go get him, Anzu-san? No, I can’t have a guest doing errands for me!

Ahaha. I see, so you just don’t want to be alone with Kaoru?

Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render

Whaaat? Isn’t that mean? I’m hurt!

I’m not some monkey in heat, I wouldn’t lay a hand on a girl who doesn’t want it… really, really!

Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render

Fufu. That’s right~ Right now, Kaoru isn’t a monkey, but a sheepie.

You have wool wrapped all around you, after all.

Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render

Ahh, sorry for just taking this blanket, yeah? This is yours, I think, I can tell from the smell.

Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render

You have a good nose, Kaoru. It’s just a blanket, so please use it whenever you like~

It is much better than Kaoru shivering in the cold.

…Oh, huh? Anzu-san disappeared.

While we were chatting, did she go to get Souma?

Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render

Ahaha. That girl doesn’t listen to people~ She looks pretty quiet, but she’s strong-willed… Unpredictable, but maybe that’s actually kinda cute?

If a girl’s too honest, it makes me feel bad, like I’m deceiving her or something.

Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render

Souma is like that, huh… But even then, you don’t take advantage of that or try to trick him, Kaoru.

I like that about you.

Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render

Thanks. Yep, I’m surprisingly honest, right~♪

You’re the only one who gets it, Kanata-kun, though I feel kinda weird when you seem to think I’m so serious about things.

Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render

Fufu, you’re a real pain, Kaoru~♪

But, someday you will find someone who will wrap you in love, even that troublesome part of you.

You’re a good boy, Kaoru. God will surely reward you someday.

Location: Fountain
Zodiac 2 – Sleeping Beauty 2 Scene Change
Souma Kanzaki School Dialogue Render

Eyy! Hah! Uryaaaaa…!

Phew, the ice has finally shattered! It was quite the formidable foe! I’ve worked up a good sweat…☆

Fufu. It is still the cold season. If I do not wipe my sweat, I will catch cold.

Hm? Ahh, thank you… Anzu-dono. You will lend me your towel?

…Uwoh?! That surprised me, when did you appear behind my back?!

You are becoming more skilled at erasing your presence, it seems.

If you were an assassin, my head and torso would have made a tearful goodbye to each other just now! Hahaha♪

  1. The original phrase used in pinky promises in Japanese is more like "If I lie, I'll drink a thousand needles". A thousand needles is pronounced harisenbon, which is also how you say porcupinefish/blowfish in Japanese. So the pun is harder to pick up in Japanese, but Kaoru kindly pointed it out for us.
Translation: akiratotsuka
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