Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Zodiac 2 - Sleeping Beauty 1
Location: Marine Life Clubroom
Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render

I am back~♪

Come right in, Anzu-san. No need to be shy.

Fufu. You are very welcome here.

As thanks for helping me give food to all the fishes… Please let me feed you lots of yummy food.

Yes. Today, the marine life club is going to hold a New Year’s party.

We will clean the fish tanks and then feed them all.

Everyone has been busy at the end of the year, so we haven’t been keeping up with the tank maintenance~

I showed up as much as I could, but…

I added more new tanks recently…

So because I haven’t been able to take care of them as much as I would like to, today I will give them lots and lots of love and attention~♪

Please help out if you like, Anzu-san.

When we’re all done, we can eat osechi and ozoni, play fukuwarai and sugoroku…[1]

We’ll spend our time in peace and happiness~♪

Anzu-san, you probably haven’t had a chance to rest since you have been busy with “Ess-Ess” until New Year’s Eve…

At least take it slowly during New Year’s vacation, okay?

Mm? You ask if you can come even though it will be a private marine life club party?

You are so reserved, Anzu-san~ [2]

It is more fun with more people, right? And besides, Kaoru would be overjoyed to see you here…


Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render


Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render

Kaoru is dead, I see.

Kaoru, you look pathetic dying here…

There is nothing we can do. I suppose I will chop him up and make him food for the fishes~♪

Huh? That was a joke, Anzu-san~♪

He is not dead, only sleeping. Look, he looks just like a little baby…♪

Fufu. He has that sheep’s wool blanket that I brought to the clubroom wrapped around him.

Yes. I sometimes stay over in the clubroom, so I prepared some things to shield against the cold.

The sheepie blanket is one of my favorites~ It is very warm.

Wrapped up in the luxury items I had my people buy for me, I can lie down and sleep very nicely.

It looks like even Kaoru gave in to the magic of the sheepies.

Does that mean sea creatures cannot win against land animals?

When a fish evolves, it becomes a land animal, so does that mean fish are inferior creatures?

Without warm fur, they cannot survive the winter.

But, humans do not have fur either, so if they sleep in a place like this without turning on the heater, they will catch a cold.

So please wake up. Kaoru, Kaoru.

…He isn’t waking up. Mm~ He seems to be in a very deep sleep.

This is a problem. What shall we do, Anzu-san?

Mm? Like sleeping beauty, he might wake up with a kiss…?

Nice idea~♪

It is very romantic. Let’s try it, fufufu~… smooch♪

Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render

Whoa?! Stop right there! I’m awake, okay, don’t kiss me!

Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render

Ahaha~ So you really were just pretending to sleep.

You thought Anzu-san would kiss you, huh? Too bad! It was me~♪

If a boy tried to kiss Kaoru, he would definitely stop pretending to sleep.

That was an amazing strategy, Anzu-san~♪

Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render

Nghh… I appreciate the games played between men and women, but I’d like it if you were more like a pure, honest manga heroine, you know~?

Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render

You read manga, Kaoru?

Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render

Just sometimes~ If a girl I’m getting friendly with is reading something, I’ll borrow it.

I can use it as a reference for what kind of character and story she would like, and it also helps me pass the time.

You don’t seem like the type to read manga, Kanata-kun.

Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render

Mm~ When I try to read manga, for some reason the book gets wet and I can’t read it anymore.

Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render

It’s not “some reason”. Honestly, I don’t get why you’re basically always soaked.

Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render

What~? I’ve been holding back on going “puka puka” lately.

In this season, even I would not only catch a cold, I would freeze to death.

I can’t wait for when it gets warmer in spring.

  1. Osechi - an assortment of small dishes eaten on New Year's; Ozoni - a special soup with mochi eaten on New Year's; Fukuwarai - a traditional game, like "pin the tail on the donkey" but with a face instead; Sugoroku - a traditional board game
  2. Kanata makes two water puns with the previous line's mizuirazu ("private") and this line's mizukusai ("reserved"). Both have the kanji 水 "mizu", which means water.
Translation: akiratotsuka
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