Zodiac 2
Event story 65
Season: Winter (冬)
Writer: 日日日 (Akira) & 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Chapters: 9 Translator: Azura, akiratotsuka
Kanata Head Kaoru Head Souma Head Madara Head Tsumugi Head Mika Head Hajime Head Eichi Head Ritsu Head Shinobu Head Mitsuru Head Hokuto Head Tomoya Head Wataru Head
Translation Notes
Winter Sleeping Beauty - 1
  • [1] Osechi - an assortment of small dishes eaten on New Year's; Ozoni - a special soup with mochi eaten on New Year's; Fukuwarai - a traditional game, like "pin the tail on the donkey" but with a face instead; Sugoroku - a traditional board game
  • [2] Kanata makes two water puns with the previous line's mizuirazu ("private") and this line's mizukusai ("reserved"). Both have the kanji 水 "mizu", which means water.

Winter Sleeping Beauty - 2

  • [1] The original phrase used in pinky promises in Japanese is more like "If I lie, I'll drink a thousand needles". A thousand needles is pronounced harisenbon, which is also how you say porcupinefish/blowfish in Japanese. So the pun is harder to pick up in Japanese, but Kaoru kindly pointed it out for us.

Winter Sleeping Beauty - 3

  • [1] Every dish in osechi has a special meaning. In order of appearance:
    • 1) Kuromame (black beans) are a pun on mamemameshii ("hard-working, diligent").
    • 2) Shrimp carries a meaning of longevity and is a must-have in osechi, so while the CG shows Kanata eating a lobster, he might be calling it a shrimpy on purpose.
    • 3) Mackerel carries the meaning of fortune, and eating it will bring an auspicious year.
Story CGs
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