Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Intimacy Level 2
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Season: Spring (春) Location: Hallway

Young master?

Where are you, young master? Come out wherever you are, I won’t scold you if you do!

Oh, where could he have gone?

I may have spoiled him too much. He is much too capricious and free, and it worries me.

Ah? And you are… Ah, the transfer student. Hm, hm…

Oh, I apologize. It is so rare to see a lady at this school that I may have stared far too long.

Forgive me for the sudden question, but have you seen the young master?

Ah, it appears you don’t know.

It hasn’t been long since you came to this school, either.

Owing to circumstances, there is a respectable person of status whom I serve.

He is quite unruly. It is vexing to lose sight of him so often.

Though I work so hard, he pays no heed to what I have to say.

I do not intend to bully him. I believe scolding is for the master’s own good.

Why does he not understand? I can only feel my loyalty waver.

I must get the master to give him a firm scolding at least once…

Oh, excuse me. It appears I complained a bit too much.

Hm, allow me to ask just in case. I am grasping at straws at this point.

Have you seen anyone at all like the young master around?

The young master I serve is named “Tori Himemiya”.

You… do not know him. Hah, this is troublesome.

Um… he stands about this tall, and has a lovely face that could be mistaken for a young girl’s.

He stands out. You would know him immediately if you saw him.

Excuse me. Let me explain with a picture. Could you lend me your handbook or something?

This is a surprise. It appears I have no artistic talent.

Fufu. There are new discoveries made every day. To live is to learn.

Oh, this is not the time to get excited.

I really should search with my own eyes.

…I would be pleased if you could dispose of this unseemly portrait.

The young master would surely be angry if he saw it.

I humbly apologize for taking your time. I will send you a small gift in apology another day.

Please excuse me, transfer student.

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