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Tori Himemiya's butler, whom he works as an idol together with. He has a calm and collected demeanor and is capable of adapting to any situation. Having worked as a butler for many years, he takes pride in his ability to be of service. Along with his gentle singing voice, his performances are precise and sophisticated.

He is currently a member of Starmaker Production's fine.[1]

Ensemble Stars! Introduction

A polite young man who's always smiling, Yuzuru is the capable servant of first year's Tori Himemiya, but he laments the fact that he's always pushed around by Tori's selfishness. With the Himemiya family's aid, he entered the academy partly to serve as Tori's chaperone. While he's not a member of the student council, he often helps out as he attends to Tori, and the vice president, Keito Hasumi, values his abilities more than Tori's.

He's actually terrible at drawing. Tori has a pet dog, but Yuzuru doesn't like dogs. A member of fine, the academy's most formidable unit.


Yuzuru has dark fuchsia colored eyes and short navy hair that is slightly curled at the ends and cut just below his ear. He also has a beauty mark under his right eye.

On stage, Yuzuru wears fine's uniform, which includes a three-piece suit with a white thin diamond-shaped cravat that is tinged pale gold at the bottom. His tailcoat is mainly white in color, although it is lined with pale blue fabric, and is decorated with golden embellishments on the lapels and collar. The jacket’s cufflinks and pocket linings are golden, and the white shirt tucked underneath that has scalloped edges that are visible at the jacket’s cuffs. His waistcoat is the same pale blue as his tailcoat lining. His pants are white with golden embellishments on the waist and golden-lined pockets. He wears short white gloves and his shoes are white with gold accents and soles.

On warmer days, his casual outfit consists of a navy short-sleeved button-down shirt with khaki trousers. The shirt has two grey pockets on the chest. The buttons are white. The end of a braided brown belt can be seen peeking out from beneath the left side of his shirt, as it has not been properly tucked into a belt loop. Yuzuru wears brown loafers and a wristwatch on his left hand.

On colder days, his casual outfit consists of a black dress shirt beneath a black vest with black trousers. The dress shirt is patterned with thin vertical gray lines and is neatly buttoned up to his neck. Over this, he wears a gray coat with brown buttons. Yuzuru also wears a brown belt.

Ensemble Stars! Appearance

Yuzuru has dark fuchsia colored eyes and short navy hair that is slightly curled at the ends and cut just below his ear. He also has a beauty mark under his right eye.

He wears the school uniform with the top button of his white shirt undone. His jacket is buttoned up, with the sleeves of a grey sweater showing beneath the blazer’s sleeves. He wears a blue tie and brown loafers.

On stage, Yuzuru wears fine's uniform, which includes a white tuxedo shirt, a blue bow tie, and a dark blue vest with gold buttons. The uniform consists of a regal white jacket with gold ornamental shoulder pieces and decorations on the lapel. He also wears white suit pants and white dress shoes.


Yuzuru has a calm and polite demeanor. He is skilled at taking care of others, and genuinely enjoys activities like housework that others would find bothersome. Since he is used to following orders, he is still learning who he truly is and what he wants.

Overall, he has a caring personality, and appears to have had one since a young age.[2] He can get restless when he is not allowed to help others. He enjoys cooking healthy meals for the people he cares about[3], and has recently picked up gardening[4] to keep himself busy.
While he appears to enjoy drawing, he has no genuine artistic talent – even his most innocent drawings tend to be misunderstood as demons or monsters.[5] Midori, who has a love for ugly-cute things, is a big fan of his pieces. He has a phobia of dogs, which makes taking care of the Himemiya family’s dog, King, quite troublesome. He apparently used to be a crybaby, and he still tears up easily whenever Tori is successful or expresses affection towards him.

According to Wataru, Yuzuru’s interest in keeping things tidy and clean may be a way for him to feel in control, a hint to a more arrogant personality beneath the surface. Yuzuru appears to confirm this hypothesis.[6]
He is protective of Tori and Tori’s younger sister, as well as his juniors. This can sometimes make him overbearing – for example, he goes as far as personally censoring Tori’s manga.[7] Hints towards his military past can sometimes seep through in his everyday behavior, causing some characters to be intimidated by the reactions he has in tense situations, or by the uncharacteristic bloodlust-like excitement he displays in times of danger or conflict.

Yuzuru’s polite and detached way of speaking is a result of his upbringing as a butler, and he finds this way of speaking easier compared to casual speech, since he got used to it at a young age.[8] He's mentioned that a servant's demeanor has been drilled into his head since a young age, and as a result, he does not know how to enjoy himself the way other people his age do during his free time. He often finds himself completely disoriented about what to do when he's not taking care of Tori.

Due to his profession, Yuzuru tends to put a certain distance between himself and others, and seems to be afraid of closing said distance.
His attachment to Tori and his worrywart tendencies used to get in the way of his social life; however, he has since begun expressing more vulnerability around others and making friends outside of Tori[9], as well as building a more genuine and balanced friendship with Tori himself.

When particularly emotional, especially around Tori, he can regress to a sort of “baby talk” and refer to himself in third person.
His formal speech often hides snarky, flippant remarks, especially around people he finds unpleasant or annoying, or people he is close to.


The name Yuzuru means "bowstring" (弓弦), befitting of his membership in the archery club. However, it is also a homophone for a verb (譲る) that means "to yield". Yuzuru's surname surname Fushimi means "prone, prostrated, bend down, bow, cover, lay (pipes)" (伏) (fushi) and "see, hopes, chances, idea, opinion, look at, visible" (見) (mi). It also contains the stem of the verb "to bow down" (伏す). These are a fitting connection to his role as a butler.


For more information, see: Yuzuru Fushimi/Family
  • The Fushimis have been serving the Himemiyas for a few generations now. Although the Himemiyas are nouveau-riche, a family that came into money not long ago, Yuzuru's grandparents and parents work for them. Their roles as servants are unclear.[10]
  • Yuzuru is an only child, and does not discuss any other family outside of brief mentions of his parents.
  • Yuzuru's parents are quite strict. They sent him to a military training camp at a young age, and refused to allow him to come back until his skills as a butler were honed. During this time, Yuzuru had no idea when he would be recalled—he assumed that it "could go on for years."[10] This caused him to develop resentment towards his parents as time went on. Even now, Yuzuru says that "[his] parents' scolding still has not faded away."[11]


  • Yuzuru uses honorific speech, which most likely developed from being a servant. Specifically, he uses humble language (kenjougo).
  • Yuzuru's autograph consists of his full name, rendered in kanji.
  • His favorite color is blue.
  • He can sew well enough to be trusted to mend torn costumes.[12]
  • Before joining Yumenosaki he used to have longer hair, worn tied at the back of his head. His appearance was "one of a street fighter" also described as rock-like. He knew Ibara during that time.[13]
  • He transferred to Yumenosaki around the same time as Anzu.[14]
  • Yuzuru used to be quite fond of dogs until the Himemiya family's pet dog, King, attacked him.[15] Since then, he has shown a fear of dogs, to the point where he screams if they get too close to him. However, Yuzuru has been training to overcome this fear.[16]

Voice Actor Comment

"Yuzuru-kun gives off the impression of your archetypal butler, and he always seems to hold his head up high, but at the same time, he's not so perfect that he can do everything, and he's also a cute boy with these little things about him that may make your heart skip a beat.

Since he's a butler, it goes without saying that he serves a master. His master is an adorable little rich boy, so adorable that you can't help stealing a second look at him, so I hope you will check out Yuzuru-kun's relationship with his master as well. I've heard that the characters will speak when you touch them, so please be sure to interact with both Yuzuru-kun and his young master! I hope you will regard them both kindly." (Enstars!)

"" * (Enstars!!)

Yuzuru Fushimi
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