Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Unlock in (Brother of Direction) Yuta Aoi's Idol Road
Older brother and Younger brother
Season: Spring (春) Location: Light Music Clubroom
Yuta Aoi School Dialogue Render
Ooi, Aniki~?

…He’s not in the Light Music Club room either, huh.

Geez, where could he have gone, that idiot Aniki? He annoyingly gets in my hair when I don’t need him around me, yet when I do need him he’s nowhere!

Ah, 'scuse me, Transfer student-senpai. What are you doing here? Are you lost?

Hmm. So, for your producer work to go smoother…

…You got a master key that can enter any room in this Academy from Sagami-sensei, is it?

During that recent ruckus… DDD, you did play a pretty active role. So it’s like you’ve gotten more authority, huh? That’s commendable. I respect you~

That means you’ve gained trust from the teachers, right?

Nah, though Sagami-sensei is pretty loose on that area, so the chance that he’s just not thinking of anything is high too.

But next time, if I want to sneak into some place, I’ll rely on you, Senpai. No, see, Aniki does pranks often so there are times we need to hide from the student council.

It’ll help a lot if you can open the lock of some random room and shelter us there, Senpai~

No, I mean… yeah. It’ll be easy if I can make Aniki stop his pranks, but I won’t exhaust myself like this if he listens to what I say. That stupid Aniki is always, always like that…!

Right, right - have you seen Aniki somewhere? I’m looking for him.

Well, usually I’m the one who goes around avoiding and running away from Aniki. But I have to meet him right now.

There’s a job for our unit… 2wink. I want to consult Aniki about it.

For once, Aniki is 2wink’s leader, after all. For us to accept or reject a job, I need Aniki’s approval and signature.

Aniki is pretty bad with that sort of annoying procedure.

If that’s the case, then I could’ve just been leader, but it was like, 'I’m the older brother, so I’m the more amazing one!’ and now look…

I’m sorry. I ended up complaining!

Maybe I should just sign in place of Aniki? Our handwriting are pretty much the same anyway; I’m sure amateur can’t tell them apart~

Pantomime… This job is just trying to sell us as twins more.

Aniki would probably be happy, but maybe I should just reject this on my own? I don’t want to keep being marketed as a set with Aniki.

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render
Kukuku, you’re at an age full of worries, are you not, Yuta-kun~
Yuta Aoi School Dialogue Render
Uwooh, so you were there, Prez!? Why are you inside that locker?
Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render
Yes. I was sleepy, see, so I mistook this for the coffin I usually used as bed and got in here instead.

I was troubled because I cannot get out. So I pleaded for help to the young lady, who just happened to pass by.

Yuta Aoi School Dialogue Render
Aah, I understand why Transfer student-senpai is in this club room now.

Don’t fall into a pinch over such stupid reason, please. You’re not yet at the age to go senile, are you?

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render
I’m terribly sorry about that… Since I seem to have lost face anyway, would you care to pull me out?

If I stay like this, I might be trapped in this locker forever and turn into a mummy.

Yuta Aoi School Dialogue Render
Isn’t it too out there for a vampire to become a mummy? Geez.

…Then I’m pulling you out now. There~

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render
Phew. You have saved me.

The transfer student young lady by herself would be too powerless to do anything, but I wanted to refrain from showing my shameful side to those outside my circle, yes?

Still - I have overheard your talk a little, and I’m quite interested. It appears the position of a 'younger brother’ is also one full of worries.

However, I would like you to understand the hardships of the 'older brother’ too~

Yuta Aoi School Dialogue Render
Aah… Come to think of it, you have a little brother in Yumenosaki too, don’t you, Prez.
Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render
Yes. Coincidentally, it appears the transfer student young lady has a younger brother of her own. He seems to go to this Yumenosaki Academy’s normal course.

I would love to catch glimpse of him at least once~”

Yuta Aoi School Dialogue Render
Hmm. So you’re an 'Onee-chan’, huh, Transfer student-senpai. Maybe I should call you 'Onee-chan’ too…~

Then I’ll represent the 'younger brothers’ and say this. Don’t play around with us too much.

We’re not accessories or servants for you 'older brothers’ and 'younger sisters', you know?

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render
That certainly strikes home, yes. Then allow me to say this to you as an 'older brother’ too.

We think of 'younger brother’ as a part of our body, that’s just born a little later than us. An important, imporant part of our flesh as well as our heart.

And so they would not be hurt, so they would not taste the same failure as we did - as someone who has walked a little further than them, we cannot help but fuss over them.

In case of brothers, especially. Manly pride and the sort tend to get in the way. We cannot help but want to look cool.

We want to show off to our 'younger brother’ for being able to do what they can’t.

We want to be told 'Awesome!’ so we can act the older brother and say 'I’ll teach you how it’s done’.

The Aoi big brother… Hinata-kun. Is that not how he is, as well?

He has been rather eager in practicing lately. Until just now, it seems he has been doing lessons with the transfer student young lady.

He was saying, 'Yuta-kun is growing in great speed, so I can’t lose too!’, seemingly quite into it, you know?”

Yuta Aoi School Dialogue Render
Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render
How about you accept that Pantomime job? You see, we older brothers are always happy to do something together with our younger brother.

We’d even push ourselves to the limit in order to show off to our younger brother, you see?

And as your older brother do that, you should chase after his back, and just sometimes, tell him 'Awesome!’ - praising him.

In your case, unlike with me, the two of you are still walking the same path. Do you not think averting your eyes is quite lonely?

Yuta Aoi School Dialogue Render
…That’s true. Even if someday we’ll walk different paths… That’s not yet the case now.

Thank you very much, Prez. I’ve come to understand an 'older brother’s feelings a little.

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render
Thank me not; us old men simply love preaching people, see. In short, what I wanted to say is, brothers are best getting along well.
Yuta Aoi School Dialogue Render

Transfer student-senpai, please take me to the place Aniki is practicing.

I’m going to practice together with him. At least so I wouldn’t be left behind too much. Stuffs relating to what we’ll do from then on to the future, I’ll think only after I catch up with Aniki.

Translator: Kotofucius
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