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Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Automatically unlocked
Yuta Aoi Idol Story Part 1
Season: Spring (春) Location: Bustling Street

Hmhmhm~m ♪ With the “two of us” as one person~...♪[1]

...Hm? Oh? He~y, Producer-san ♪

Hello hello, good day to you! Aoi Yuuta of 2wink, at your service! Swish ☆ (He salutes.)

Huh, Hinata-kun recently gave you a salute, too? Ahaha, it’s the latest fad among “us”~♪

Though I’m actually just imitating Hinata-kun. That is to say, Hinata-kun is imitating someone else’s salute, and I’m imitating him imitating that person.

It’s a hand-me-down that’s been passed through two people’s hands already, so it’s kinda worn out.

Well, that just makes using it all the more comfy for me. Apparently Hinata-kun is doing this in an attempt to butter up CosPro’s vice-president, Saegusa Ibara, though.

Just imitating Hinata-kun while he’s doing that, is the “right answer”[2] for me. It’s as simple as that.

...Er, there I go calling him “Hinata-kun” again. Even though we’ve already established to the public that I’m the younger brother who always calls him “Aniki”.

If I don’t call him that, people will definitely get confused, so I’ve gotta stick to it.

But to put it bluntly, we’re twins, so there’s no real telling who’s the older and who’s the younger brother anyhow.

Well, Aniki seems to be having the time of his life acting the older brother, so I’m letting him have his fun.

But when we’re at home, he’ll often go, “Today I’m the little brother!” and I’ll be all, “Okay, then I’m the older one today!”, and we’ll switch places.

Thanks to that, I sometimes even get hazy on which one I am.

Wait, I’m Yuuta, aren’t I? I’m the younger one, right~?

Psyche! I’m just kidding... It’s a twin joke~♪ Anyway, Producer-san, what are you doing around these parts?

You’re giving the impression that you’re on your way to ES for work. Hmm, so you wanna go home to change clothes before you head over there?

Ah~... Yeah, for some reason it’s fundamentally taboo to show up at ES in school uniform. It’s kind of a pain, really.

Our home is in the opposite direction, so it’s a hassle to walk all the way there and back…

But since there’s a coffin in the light music club room, we just use that as a dresser as we please and change into our casual clothes before heading to work.

There’s still room in the coffin… If you’d like, feel free to make use of it, Producer-san.

It’ll save you some time and trouble, right?

But if I store my clothes in the same place as a woman’s, the scent will cling to them…

My Aniki is possessive as ever, so I think he’ll mind that.

Makes me wonder what’s gonna go down when we hit our marriagable age. In this country it’s illegal for two brothers to get married to the same person, so I feel like we’ve got a quarrel coming on that front.

But if I brought this kind of thing up with him, he’d spout something completely lunatic, like, “Why, you can just marry me instead, Yuuta-kun!”.

Actually, in that case we’d both be married to someone we love, and we wouldn’t be in each other’s way...

But we’re both guys, and brothers at that. So it’d just open up a whole new can of worms.

Oh, no, I have no intentions of marrying Aniki. There’s no need to go through the trouble of tying that knot, since we’ve been family since birth anyway.

...Wait, what were we talking about again? Aah geez, I’m so sorry!

Apparently I’ve got a bad habit of chatting only about stuff that I want to talk about, or rather, talking to myself for hours on end.

On top of that, all the recent negotiations -- Well, every time we had to talk to someone for work reasons, Aniki took care of that. So I’ve been longing for company, just a little.

Ahaha. I’m sorry I made you listen to me go on and on about myself in the middle of the street, Producer-san.

Hm? That’s right~. Well, I’m sure you’re aware of this already… But we’re “two-in-one” twin idols.

So we’re getting a ton of work done by dividing it among us.

Negotiations and project planning are Aniki’s strong suits since he’s always been 2wink’s leader, so I’m leaving those to him.

Or rather, as soon as I take my eyes off him for even a moment he’s already accepted a whole heap of new jobs.

Well, unlike sweets which can be split into two perfect halves... A lot of those jobs can’t be split so easily.

That also goes for the marriage partners I was talking about earlier, and basically all human relationships.

But human relations are our weak point, so I feel like the burden weighs heavier on Aniki…

To make up for that, I wish he’d leave difficult jobs that he struggles with to me...

I thought I had grown up enough to be able to deal with anything smoothly.

“We” are two as one, so how come I’m the only one who still gets treated like a child?

...Er, I’m really sorry for venting to you like that!

You’re heading to work, aren’t you, Producer-san? Please don’t mind me and be on your way ♪

Hm? Yeah, it’s my day off! We alternate our off-days~, but I’m sure you already knew that.

Compared to Aniki, who works part-time jobs all the time, I have a bunch of different interests, so I’m enjoying myself with some shopping today.

I’ve picked out some stuff, like hair accessories and fashion glasses, to make it easier for people to tell us apart when they meet us for the first time.

While we’re on the job, like during live shows and such, it’s better if we’re indistinguishable from each other, as twins should be.

But that would be inconvenient in day-to-day life, since it would just confuse everyone around us.

Up until now though, Aniki has always been the one who picked out all our clothes and belongings, so I kinda suck at choosing them for myself…

Which is why I’m actually sort of agonizing over it right now.

Fufu. If you feel like it, I’d very much like to get your advice when you have the time.

I’ve really been wanting to hear the opinion of someone who’s clever, someone who knows the “right answers”.

From here on out… What kind of idols should we become, Producer-san?

  1. He’s singing 2winkle Star Beat.
  2. The “right answer” references Setsubun Festival, as a lot of this idol story does. It’s specifically mirroring a line from Hinata in Deep Love 2.
Translation: Bakemonoremy
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