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Though there was a "fake" collaboration between the two franchises on April 1st, "Prince Parade" announced that there will be a real collaboration between Yume100 and Ensemble Stars in celebration of its 1 year anniversary.

The collaboration is to be Scout, featuring the Theatre Club and Keito in a costume exchange with the Princes of the Snow Kingdom.


Start: 5/14/16 at 12:00 JST
End: 5/26/16 at 22:00 JST


Cost: 20 AP Producer Points Gained: XXX EXP Gained: 200
Yume100 x Ensemble Stars Collaboration
Wataru Hibiki
Special Event:
Rival 1:
Rival 2:
(Love and Surprise) Wataru Hibiki mini
(Nervous Temperament) Mao Isara mini
(Song of Reunion) Leo Tsukinaga mini
Total Stats: 17,190 28,727
Trophy mini Complete with Highest Luck
Trophy mini Collect 150 Yellow Fragments
Trophy mini Raise Wataru's trust to 100%
Normal Event mini ★★ Event - The Prince of Dreams
Special Event mini ★★★ Event - The Princes and the Illusionist
Yume100 x Ensemble Stars Collaboration Wataru Hibiki locations
Reward Requirements
Story mini
Story: Go to the Event Banner
Story mini
Story: Complete the Event Lesson (Trophys and Mini Events 100% too)
Story mini
Story: Read the 2nd story
Story mini
Story: Read the 3rd Story

100yume collaboration1


  • There will be 3 Ensemble Stars × Yume100 collaboration campaigns running!
  • Special drop quest to get more Wataru on 23rd of May!


Campaign 1 Campaign 2 Campaign 3
100yume collaboration3

Log-in for 10 days between 5/14 - 5/27 to get TWO of Wataru Hibiki as well as other rewards!
100yume collaboration4

Rei Sakuma and collab versions of Synny and Frost will be available in a special collab gacha from 5/14 - 5/23!
100yume collaboration5

A point event will start from the 16th. Where you can get Kanata Shinkai and collab version of Graysia!



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Vier yume100 chara of
"This time I won't be protecting you with a sword, but with a mic"
Unit Trickstar logo cropped
Kingdom Arustoria, the Knight's Country
Policy Unaffected and Sincere
Likes Practicing Sword
Dislikes Difficult Tasks

Although Avy badmouths, he is a prince of Country of Knights, with serious personality. He excels in sword, trust from the vassal is high. He usually doesn't show his attitude, but only sometimes, his pessimistic attitude shows off toward things. It seems that this has related to his past.

Subaru Akehoshi
Vier subaru
"I'm going to make this country shine"
Kingdom The World of Enstars
Policy Sparkling Smile
Likes Sparkling Things
Dislikes Small dark places

Formerly worked as an Idol in the unit, Trickstar.

Promotional Video

「夢100」×「あんスタ」 エイプリルフール動画

「夢100」×「あんスタ」 エイプリルフール動画


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