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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
(Wonder Party) Tsumugi Aoba CG2.png
Location: Wonder Game Stage
Tsumugi Aoba Wonder Game Dialogue Render.png

“♪ ~ ♪ ~ ♪”

“Now then, everyone! It’s time for the curtain to rise on the final chapter! Let’s start~♪”

“With this, the lengthy “Wonder Game” and this delightful tea party are finally coming to a close!”

“Please enjoy it until the very end, and may your dreams and realities be blessed ♪”

“...Why the long face, my dear guest? If you’re thirsty, maybe you’d like a sip of this tea?”

(Wonder Piece) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render Bloomed.png

(whispering) Tsumugi-kun! Watch out, you're gonna spill the tea if you move around with so much force!

Tsumugi Aoba Wonder Game Dialogue Render.png

It’s okay~, there’s no need to worry. This cup isn’t filled with tea, but a special new chemical that Natsume-kun concocted. It may look like it’s about to spill, but it won’t.

(Wonder Piece) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render Bloomed.png

Ah, is that so? Like a magic trick?

Tsumugi Aoba Wonder Game Dialogue Render.png

Yes, it’s magic


(Wonder Piece) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render Bloomed.png

(Ahaha. That made me break out in a cold sweat. But now that I think about it, Tsumugi-kun… Even back in fine, as long as he was onstage he never made a single careless blunder.)

(In fact, he always flawlessly assisted Nagisa-kun and I with our idol activities, back when we weren't used to the stage yet.)

(Aah, how nostalgic… Oh well, this is hardly the time to get swept up in memories, right?)

(I should dance too, within this dream we created!)

(Hey! What would things have turned out like if we had held the “Wonder Game” when we were fine? Do you think history would have changed, even just a little?)

(If we had worked hard despite our lack of experience, sweated and gave it our all, and overcame our hardships…?)

(Would our friendship, would fine’s youth, have lasted even a little longer?)

(No! Thinking of “What if, back then-” is just part of growing up! Right now, we are dreaming Alices, and we sing and dance gleefully!)

(That’s good weather! No, rather than the “What ifs” of the past and future, I believe that it’s this moment right now that shines the brightest!)

“♪ ~ ♪ ~ ♪”

Nagisa Ran Wonder Game Dialogue Render.png

(.....Yeah. I think so too, Hiyori-kun.)

(.....You’re always so honest because you have no need to deceive yourself.)

(.....And that’s why everyone becomes so enamoured with you.)

…..Isn’t that right, Jun?

(Wonder Bad) Jun Sazanami Full Render Bloomed.png

Huh? Whatcha talking about, Nagi-senpai...?

(Wonder Board) Nagisa Ran CG2.png
Nagisa Ran Wonder Game Dialogue Render.png

…..Fufu. So you haven’t perfected telepathic communication with Hiyori-kun yet, hm?

…..I win against you in that regard, because I’ve known him longer than you.

(Wonder Bad) Jun Sazanami Full Render Bloomed.png

Excuse me...? I don’t really get it, but this ain’t the time for infighting, right!? Sheesh, you’re so hard to read~...

Nagisa Ran Wonder Game Dialogue Render.png

…..That’s because I’m not a book ♪

“~♪ ~♪”

(Wonder Bad) Jun Sazanami Full Render Bloomed.png

(Huh? Was that a joke just now? Nagi-senpai is bursting with incoherent airheaded stuff on the daily, but…)

(He’s a serious guy, so he doesn’t usually make jokes on purpose. I guess wonders never cease.)

(Goddamn! With everyone cracking jokes left and right, it really feels like I’ve wandered into Wonderland on accident here~!?)

(But that’s fine by me, this place is more comfortable than expected~♪)

“~♪ ~♪”

Natsume Sakasaki Wonder Game Dialogue Render.png

(HmmM. As expectED, Eden's splendor and menace onstage are on a level that no one else can keep up wiTH.)

(That isn’t to say that I took the “SS” runner-ups lightly befoRE -- But right now I’m feeling their overwhelming pressuRE.)

(If we had gone directly head-to-head with thEM, we might’ve even been trampled underfoOT, unable to fight back at aLL.)

(Maybe it was the result of them having caused so many miracles alreaDY, but it’s impressive that Baru-kun and his troupe were able to win against these monsteRS.)

(The reason for your victory was definitely not mere “luCK”. You had something I didn’t haVE… Passionate feelinGS, a brightly shining dreAM. That’s exactly why the goddess of victory smiled upon yOU.)

(You were able to become the main characteRS. Just when did I give up on thAT, I wondER.)

(I get the feeling that I still had “that” within mE, long aGO, when I was a young chiLD.)

(...No, I need to focUS. That was cloSE, I lost myself for an instant just nOW.)

(This is what I get for neglecting my sleEP. I should have just obediently listened to Senpai’s warniNG.)

(But, you knOW. I was actually really happy when I heard about your future plans from the student council presideNT, SenpAI...)

(It made me want to do something as weLL. After aLL, clearing up the dark clouds that shroud someone’s future is the job of a fortune tellER.)

(If Senpai still feels like he wants to continue being an idOL, then the results a huge project like this “Wonder Game” will surely influence his futuRE.)

(Whether the result is good or bAD, it’ll have an impact on future idol activities one cannot disregaRD.)

(In which caSE, I’ll give you just a bit of a good result as a graduation giFT!)

(With that in miND, I gave up my sleep in favor of my efforTS. You wouldn’t sneer at thAT, would yOU?)

(...AaH, but it’s really no goOD. My eyelids are so heaVY. I’m always like this during crucial momenTS.)

(For someone like mE, who has never earnestly put in the work befoRE, it’s impossible to achieve good results with such hasty preparatioNS.)

(Just like yOU, I’m also always too late to realize these thinGS, Nii-sAN.)

(Wonder Cat) Sora Harukawa Full Render Bloomed.png

Hup ♪

Natsume Sakasaki Wonder Game Dialogue Render.png

….? SoRA, why are you clinging to me like thAT? You’re not a chiLD.

(Wonder Cat) Sora Harukawa Full Render Bloomed.png

No! Sora is a cat~ nuzzle, nuzzle ♪

Meow, meow! Don’t you remember? This is Sora’s role in “Wonder Game”~, Alice’s cute pet kitten, “Kitty” ♪

Shisho~... You’ve always had your head in the clouds this time, or rather, you’ve only been worrying about Senpai. Is that why you didn’t know?

Don’t forget~, Sora is also a member of Switch!

Natsume Sakasaki Wonder Game Dialogue Render.png

I-I’m sorRY, okAY? It’s not like I forgOT, of course I love yOU!

(Wonder Cat) Sora Harukawa Full Render Bloomed.png

Sora knows that ♪ Sora was just sulking a little so he said something mean. Maybe Sora is still a child after all?

But! Sora is growing up little by little, can you tell? Like this, Sora could tell that Shisho~ was unsteady on his feet because he’s sleepy, and was able to support him stealthily~♪

Sora is happy about that! It’s all thanks to Shisho~ and Senpai picking Sora up and raising him firmly~! And that’s exactly why it’s time for Sora to return the favor now!

A favor for a favor, love for love! When someone smiles at you, you should return the smile, and if you take their hand in yours and sing and dance together, it’s the greatest happiness...☆

That’s what Shisho~ and Senpai taught me! Thanks to you, Sora can see the world through these eyes now!

“This is a delightful Wonderland! What’s normal for others is strange[1] to Sora, but when he’s together with Switch like this, he can laugh and be happy~♪”

Mew-Mew! Let’s resound this most cheerful Music! Can you tell? This was wordplay, just like in “Alice in Wonderland”!”

“Sora is still not that good at it! But he will keep learning things like this, bit by bit! Sora lives on in happiness while being taught by Shisho~ and Senpai!”

“...Ju~st kidding ♪ Sora is a cat, so he will use actions rather than words to express that!”

“♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪~...☆”

  1. The word for “strange” that he uses here is the “wonder” in “Alice in Wonderland”, he’s doing a bit of wordplay.
Translation: Bakemonoremy
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