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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Wonder Game - Chapter 31.png
Location: Wonder Game Stage
(Wonder Cat) Sora Harukawa Full Render Bloomed.png

Definitely! Sora will definitely chase after Senpai, even to the ends of the universe! Because Sora wants us to sing and dance together as Switch one more time… No, forever and ever!

Natsume Sakasaki Wonder Game Dialogue Render.png

...YeAH. WeLL, not to ruin the mood or anything by pointing this oUT, but there’s no need to actually “chase after” anyoNE.

Us Yumenosaki idols are “not affiliated” with any particular agency after aLL.

So even when Senpai graduates and becomes affiliated with an agenCY, it doesn’t mean that Switch will have to disband or anythiNG.

If we were to tie the knot with that agency as weLL, we could probably continue our activities just like they were before without any probleMS.

Which means that if we ever feel like iT, we can just chant the spell “Open Sesame!” and the door will open and we’ll be able to meet you agaIN. We’ll be able to sing together again for suRE, all three of US.

(Wonder Cat) Sora Harukawa Full Render Bloomed.png

Yes! It’s a promise, yeah~? Pinky promise, if you lied, Senpai has to swallow a thousand needles!

Tsumugi Aoba Wonder Game Dialogue Render.png

Huh, so I have to swallow them!?

(Wonder Cat) Sora Harukawa Full Render Bloomed.png

HaHa~♪ That was a joke! A wonderful magic spell to calm the mood...!

Tsumugi Aoba Wonder Game Dialogue Render.png

Ahaha. We can’t really calm down yet, though. The real match of “Wonder Game” is about to start.

If we don’t go all out, the door to that sparkling future may close entirely.

Natsume Sakasaki Wonder Game Dialogue Render.png

I highly doubt thAT. I was interested in what you were talking aboUT, so I didn’t interject when you went off on a tangeNT, but rest assured that your future prospects are securED, SenpAI.

Tsumugi Aoba Wonder Game Dialogue Render.png

Eh, they are? Maybe I shouldn’t be the one to say this, but the agency I’m joining is really small, you know~?

You never know if it’s going to fall on hard times and disappear, just like that!

Of course, I’m going to work hard so it won’t meet such a tragic end, but still!

Natsume Sakasaki Wonder Game Dialogue Render.png

YeAH. That’s a givEN, but there are reasons to feel secure in spite of thAT.

This is just another thing I heard from our student council presideNT, even though I didn’t aSK, but the agency in question is apparently going to enjoy the full support of both Yumenosaki and CosPRO.

Tsumugi Aoba Wonder Game Dialogue Render.png

I-is that so? I wonder why that is? You wouldn’t expect it from a moneybags like him, but Eichi-kun dislikes spending his funds frivolously, right~?

Natsume Sakasaki Wonder Game Dialogue Render.png

They’re obviously investing in it because they believe they’ll get something out of iT. Even though Senpai talked about that agency as if it was a hangout spot for worthless trash and social dropouts or somethiNG--

Tsumugi Aoba Wonder Game Dialogue Render.png

I-I didn’t go that far!?

Natsume Sakasaki Wonder Game Dialogue Render.png

…--In realiTY, it has a strong influence on the industRY, inside and oUT.

It’s unclear if this is by mere chance or if it’s intentionally being built this wAY… But it’s probably the lattER. In any caSE, it has the potential to control trends within the entertainment industry in the near futuRE.

Figuratively speakiNG, it’s an untouched mine with a mass of gold buried withIN.

While forcing insincere smiles on the surfaCE, the student council president and others are already brandishing forks and knivES, ready to scramble to be the first to cut a piece out of iT.

Though I am not sure if that metaphor holds uP. You could say that agency is like the focal point of the cold war between Yumenosaki and CosPRO.

The student council president didn’t tell me these kinds of detaiLS, but it’s what I read between the linES.

It seems like they're racing to see who can seize the initiatiVE, regarding financial investments and involvement with the agenCY.

If I had to gueSS, they're planning to turn the agency's passionate manager into a puppET, controlling them from the shadoWS.

All in order to grasp the fate of the idol industry in their own hanDS.

Given how eager the student council president is on thIS, paradoxically it just goes to show how much hidden power must be slumbering theRE.

After aLL, I find it hard to believe that the student council president would support some random dinky agency just because his former friend is employed theRE.

Tsumugi Aoba Wonder Game Dialogue Render.png


Natsume Sakasaki Wonder Game Dialogue Render.png

Oh weLL, at any raTE. The issue of having a lack of funds will probably be resolved by the incoming financial suppoRT, so the agency’s survival should be guaranteed for the foreseeable futuRE, don’t you thiNK?

I think you chose a good career paTH, SenpAI.

This is surely the reward for all the sorrow and misfortune you endured up until nOW.

I shouldn’t be saying thIS, seeing as magicians are supposed to defy divine providenCE, but maybe there is such a thing as a God after aLL ♪

Tsumugi Aoba Wonder Game Dialogue Render.png

(Eichi-kun… Since it’s you we’re talking about, Natsume-kun’s conjecture is probably spot on. You’re only investing into the agency I’m employed at because there’s something in it for you.)

(However. If, in those actions of yours… there’s even just the slightest trace of the friendship we once had, that may not have ever even existed in the first place--)

(Then that would make me feel happy, and as such, I choose to fantasize that it’s the case.)

(That’s fine by you, isn’t it? After all, you don’t dislike those kinds of childish fantasies yourself...♪)

(But. In that case… Such wasteful behaviour on Eichi-kun’s part would only have served to provoke CosPro, who have antagonized him for so long. The poor guys.)

(They must be misunderstanding the situation and acting rashly, investing a large sum of money into the agency as well. If anything, I feel bad for them…)

Translation: Bakemonoremy
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