Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Wonder Game - Chapter 29
Location: Wonder Game Stage
-On the last day of “Wonder Game”, moments before the final live show -
Natsume Sakasaki Wonder Game Dialogue Render


(Wonder Cat) Sora Harukawa Full Render Bloomed

Wah! Shisho~, you look so pretty~...♪

Tsumugi Aoba Wonder Game Dialogue Render

Fufun ♪ What do you think, it’s well made, isn’t it!

I sewed Natsume-kun’s costume under continuous harassment from Shu-kun in the Handicrafts Club Room and put my whole heart into it! And when I told him that it’s for you, he even helped--

Natsume Sakasaki Wonder Game Dialogue Render

...Shu-niisan dID?

Tsumugi Aoba Wonder Game Dialogue Render

Yes! He even threatened me, saying “If this ends with that boy being hurt again, I will drive a long nail into you”[1]. You’re really loved… Natsume-kun ♪

Natsume Sakasaki Wonder Game Dialogue Render

HmmM~... He is overprotective as alwaYS.

WeLL, seeing as we’re in this pathetic mess where we are just being onesidedly attacked by our eneMY, he can’t help IT.

That he didn’t assault our enemy in a fit of rage shows that he has grown up a lOT ♪

Tsumugi Aoba Wonder Game Dialogue Render

Ahaha, you sound a little bit condescending.

Natsume Sakasaki Wonder Game Dialogue Render

My abusive language is how I show my affection towards my Nii-saNS… Towards my famiLY.

By the wAY, since you’re no longer my Nii-sAN, when I say cruel things to yOU, they’re just normal insults completely devoid of loVE.

Tsumugi Aoba Wonder Game Dialogue Render

I-I didn’t want to know a sad truth like that!

(Uu~... Natsume-kun is acting cheeky and cracking jokes “like always”. But I feel like he’s forcing himself to act like this, and it worries me.)

(Even though he told me “not to worry”. But I can’t help it, since Natsume-kun stubbornly refused to tell me anything.)

(I don’t know a single thing Eichi-kun talked to Natsume-kun on behest of Saegusa-kun about, even now.)

(I still consider Eichi-kun a precious friend of mine, but that’s exactly why… I can’t put it past him to do something cruel to us.)

(He can be pretty ruthless when it's necessary. And he will do anything to achieve his goals.)

(...I wonder what Eichi-kun put into Natsume-kun's head.)

(There’s probably Saegusa-kun’s ulterior motives hidden behind that. What kind of strategy is he using, and where is he leading us?)

(...I don't know a single thing, how pathetic of me.. At this rate I can’t even pretend to be a senpai.)

(However. At the very least, I will protect Natsume-kun and Sora-kun, no matter what happens. ...Even if I have to use my body as a shield.)

Natsume Sakasaki Wonder Game Dialogue Render

SenpAI. You’re thinking something idiotic agaIN, aren’t yOU?

(Wonder Cat) Sora Harukawa Full Render Bloomed

Making scary faces is a “no-no”, Senpai! Our fun live is about to start, where Switch will cast the magic called smiles!

And whenever we do, the world is dyed in the “color” of a flower garden~! HaHiHuHeHo~...☆

Natsume Sakasaki Wonder Game Dialogue Render

AhaHA. You’re in high spirits todAY, SoRA.

(Wonder Cat) Sora Harukawa Full Render Bloomed

Yes! Sora was lonely because he barely saw Shisho~ at all during “Wonder Game”, so he’s happy that we will be together all day today!

And also, Sora really loves singing and dancing~!

...This time, though, Sora did lots of things he isn’t used to, so he’s pretty exhausted~?

Natsume Sakasaki Wonder Game Dialogue Render

YeAH. The rate at which you get exhausted is higher than it is for ordinary peopLE. But idols aRE, by natuRE, versatile beings who do a lot of different joBS.

Yumenosaki Academy is unique for putting all the focus on singing and danciNG.

From now oN, we’ll probably be doing even more diverse jobs than befoRE.

That is the “flow of thinGS”. Instead of being experts in one field who only master their own specific techniquES, we’ll become real idoLS.

Tsumugi Aoba Wonder Game Dialogue Render

Hmm… It’s how things naturally unfold, and I would greatly welcome it since it would mean that we, as idols, are growing up, but…

I just don’t know anymore.

For Yumenosaki idols who are used to the emphasis being on live shows, jobs like this one that have other components to it could be said to be a weak point, since they have no experience in them.

If he simply wanted to defeat a unit from Yumenosaki, I wonder why Saegusa-kun chose us, Switch, as his game opponents?

We regularly act as jack-of-all-trades, or rather, we are proactive in doing the kinds of jobs that other idols at Yumenosaki wouldn’t normally do…

One way or another, we were able to keep up with the events of “Wonder Game”, and actually managed to stand out through our hard work.

It makes me think that maybe Saegusa-kun’s plan isn’t about defeating a Yumenosaki unit in order to restore their honour after what happened during “SS”.

Of course, there’s a chance that they chose us randomly, without knowing about our special characteristics.

But it seems like they did extensive research on us, and that doesn’t mesh with that theory at all.

Natsume Sakasaki Wonder Game Dialogue Render

YeAH. Which means “that” isn’t their objectiVE, and there’s no need to try and guess what it really IS.

From the very beginniNG, they kept talking about how they want to forge a cooperative relationship over and over until it got annoyiNG.

Us Yumenosaki idoLS... Or rathER, our student council prEZ and CosPro might just have the same goals and interests in miND.

They set their eyes on the futuRE, and in anticipation of what it will briNG, they started taking measurES.

This “Wonder Game” is simply a farce based on these grown up’s circumstancES. NO, it’s just spadewoRK, they’ve only just begun moving their pawNS.

If things continue according to their ulterior motivES, they’ll castle and become the kinGS.

(Wonder Cat) Sora Harukawa Full Render Bloomed

That’s chess, isn’t it! Sora thought it might come in handy, so he learned the rules in advance!

Natsume Sakasaki Wonder Game Dialogue Render

Y̯̖̺e̷͍̙a͙ḩ̩̩̘̟̳ͅ,̜͇͔ͅ ̺̥̙̗̱go͏̘ͅo̥̠̠d̟͇̪̙͓͉̖ ͟b͖̤͚̜͔o̴̞̞͔̼y̩͚̼̩͈̲ ♪̛̣̳̗̫

  1. Shu is talking about a curse in which a straw effigy of your victim is nailed to a sacred tree using long nails. After 7 days of driving nails into the straw doll every day, the curse is supposed to take effect and kill its target.
Translation: Bakemonoremy
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