Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Wonder Game - Chapter 2
Location: Secret Room
Natsume Sakasaki School Dialogue Render

...Hey SenpAI, what is this about a briefing sessiON? No one told me about thIS.

It’s already enough of a problem that you accepted this work request all by yourseLF, so could you refrain from putting together even more plans without consulting mE, the leadER?

Tsumugi Aoba School Dialogue Render

Oh no no, I haven’t heard anything about this briefing session either! More importantly, could you please untie my ropes already?

Most of the people at this school would probably look the other way if they saw us doing weird stuff like this…

But Saegusa-kun is from another school, seeing us carry out a “stake-burning punishment” would definitely startle him!

Natsume Sakasaki School Dialogue Render

We’d be lucky if we got away with him just being “startlED”, if things go badly he might even cause an uproar and report us for thIS.

Guess I don’t have a choiCE. I’ll deal with Saegusa while Sora and the Little Kitten help you untie those ropES.

Sora Harukawa School Dialogue Render

HiHi~♪ Roger! Or actually, the ropes seem to be so loosely bound that Senpai could probably escape all by himself if he tried~?

Natsume Sakasaki School Dialogue Render

If I bound him tightly enough for him to feel paIN, I’d run the risk of him getting seriously injured after aLL.

“To bind and dominate” is essentiAL, if not the very foundation of S&M.

Tsumugi Aoba School Dialogue Render

This was S&M!? That means this was Natsume-kun expressing his affection for me…!

Natsume Sakasaki School Dialogue Render

There’s no affectiON. Don’t misunderstand mE, this is merely akin to a pet breeder being asked by someone to discipline their animAL.

...In any caSE, letting him wait any longer will just make him suspicioUS, so I will deal with Saegusa swiftLY. I’m gonna open the door nOW, so make Senpai hide behind a partition or somethi--

Ibara Saegusa School Dialogue Render

Once again, I apologize! Why, please pardon my insolence!

Natsume Sakasaki School Dialogue Render

(...!? This guy really barged in without waiting for permission to entER! He’s unbelievably ruDE!?)

Sora Harukawa School Dialogue Render


Natsume Sakasaki School Dialogue Render

(Good thinkiNG, SoRA! You quickly hid Senpai behind the partition screEN! Now’s my chance to make up some excuse and guide Saegusa into another roOM!)

Ibara Saegusa School Dialogue Render

...Oho? I thought I heard the sound of something burning, but maybe it was just my imagination?

Thinking that, I got so concerned that I ended up barging into the room!

Natsume Sakasaki School Dialogue Render

(TcH, he came prepared for that argument alreaDY. Now that he made up a good excuSE, I’d be the one looking rude if I scolded him for his bad manneRS. ...No, hold on a secoND?)

Welcome. You’re Saegusa Ibara-san of EdEN, rigHT? I welcome yOU.

...This club room isn’t supposed to exist on any official documenTS. As someone from outside the schoOL, how did you know that you would find us heRE?

Ibara Saegusa School Dialogue Render

Yes! That is of course, because Aoba Tsumugi-senpai told me about this room when he appointed it as the location for us to meet!

Natsume Sakasaki School Dialogue Render

…! (He glares in Tsumugi’s direction)

Tsumugi Aoba School Dialogue Render

…! ….! (He shakes his head fervently behind the partition)

Natsume Sakasaki School Dialogue Render

(That idiOT! It’s already intolerable that he acted without permissiON, but to leak information tOO? This is enough of a blunder to warrant immediate exiLE, SenpAI!)

Ibara Saegusa School Dialogue Render

...I was kidding, I know of this place as a result of a minor investigation I conducted prior to coming here. From here on out, we at CosPro and Yumenosaki Academy will be cooperating after all.

Journeying abroad without doing any prior research and without even taking a guidebook is a lot of fun too, though.

In a business situation however, it would be rude to go into things without researching the other side beforehand.

Natsume Sakasaki School Dialogue Render

(...I’ve been hAD! He tricked mE, and now he managed to infer Senpai’s location from my eye movemenTS!)

(It may be inconsequentiAL, but it feels like he led me around by the nose and that’s pissing me oFF!)

(Saegusa Ibara of Eden. I already heard that he is quite shreWD, but he may even exceed the rumoRS.)

(No… Those rumors were based on prior experiences during negotiations with YumenosaKI, I should look at this as him having matured since thEN.)

(I can’t underestimate hIM… Even the briefing session he mentioned may be nothing but preteXT, just what are his real intentioNS?)

Ibara Saegusa School Dialogue Render

(Hmm, what a let-down. From my prior investigation, I expected Switch to deal better with a chaotic situation...)

(I expected them to be more formidable than this.)

(No, it’d be too hasty to make my judgment already. I caught them off guard with a surprise attack, this result is only to be expected when they hadn’t prepared themselves!)

(Rather, I should strike while they’re still finding their footing and press harder~♪)

(Aah, how fun this is! Setting things in motion with my very own hands is an irreplaceable pleasure...☆)

Tsumugi Aoba School Dialogue Render

Heave-ho… (He whispers:) Thank you so much for helping me untie these ropes, Sora-kun, Anzu-chan.

Excuse me, Saegusa-kun? This is an inconvenience, this area is for authorized personnel only, you see~?

Rather than a school facility, this room is more like a private space for us.

Just like the private rooms for “special students” at Shuuetsu Academy.

Ibara Saegusa School Dialogue Render

(...Hm. I should’ve expected this, but he also researched us to a certain degree.)

(This wasn’t anything we were trying to hide though, so it’s only natural that he found out about it.)

Yes, please pardon my intrusion! I humbly apologize!

However, the “special student” system is currently undergoing a complete review, so it is likely that we won’t keep living in private rooms indefinitely ♪

In any case. I am sure anyone would find it unpleasant for their sleeping faces to be peeked at.

I think I will leave the room and stand by in the corridor outside, and you can call for me when you have finished your preparations~♪

Well then, I apologize for the disturbance!

It feels like we got off on the wrong foot, but I’d be happy if we could not get discouraged and make “Wonder Game” a success together!

Natsume Sakasaki School Dialogue Render

...WhaT? Um, is Eden to participate in “Wonder Game” as weLL?

Ibara Saegusa School Dialogue Render

Oh my, you haven’t heard? It appears you experienced some miscommunication!

“Wonder Game” is to be the first step in this new era, a grand event with numerous agencies and idols participating.

It’s a crucial match that we absolutely can’t afford to miss, so CosPro deployed us, Eden, since we have the most fighting strength!

Well, there are a lot of other factors in this--

But I’ll leave those for the detailed explanation later on… For now, we should disperse at once. I will see you later -- everyone from Switch

Translation: Bakemonoremy
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