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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
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Location: Rooftop
- Several days after “Wonder Game” started -
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(And so, this strange daily life has begun.)

(So far, it's going smoothly... In fact, everything is going just as planned to an alarming degree. At this point, you might even think the name “Wonder” is unfitting for it.)

(Every morning, the "Alice" of the day is announced at the regularly scheduled meeting.)

(“Alice” makes it sound like it refers to a singular person, but it actually refers to an entire representative “unit” from an agency or training school, so 3 to 7 people are “Alice” at a time.)

(During the time it takes them to do their warm-up exercises, the remaining idols are moved to a different room where they discuss the schedule for the day and such.)

(We prepared episodes from Alice’s story for every single day… A theme based on which we plan the lessons and a live show.)

(Watching the heated discussions and differing, incompatible opinions of people during the meetings is quite interesting.)

(Since I am used to that kind of thing, it’s an easy feat for me to take the lead during these discussions.)

(Afterwards, we announce the plan for the day to “Alice” and the viewers.)

(If there are no objections from “Alice”’s side, we assist them in their lessons next.)

(We take on the role of a coach, instruct them and aid them in their training, prepare meals and clean up after them, and divide odd jobs between us.)

(Our budget is quite lavish, so we have the leeway to dress everyone up as residents of Alice’s stories and let them show off their talents a little.)

(Well, that part is quite amusing, and serves to keep the event from becoming too monotone.)

(It makes the event a bit like a variety show. I expected agencies who usually focus on live shows and the idols of Yumenosaki to struggle with that part, but…)

(Since Switch is centered around Mr. Sakasaki, who has experience as a fortune teller on television programs, they are unexpectedly adept at these kinds of jobs that are unorthodox for Yumenosaki Academy.)

(I anticipated it based on the information I collected beforehand, but they really did establish their own presence well for now.)

(Oh well, it takes one to know one[1], but they can’t compare to Eden, who has prioritized TV broadcast activities so far.)

(Anyway, through this and that we follow “Alice” around like we’re in a funny documentary of sorts, and at night the grand climax of the day, the live show, is held.)

(The viewers who know how much agony “Alice” has suffered through, working so hard all day, must be on the edge of their seats, watching over her and rooting for her.)

(The enthusiasm in the actual live venue is one thing, but I’m sure the broadcast is just as exciting.)

(The very first “Alice” was decided impartially through a lottery, but after that…)

(During the evening, the audience including the TV viewers get to vote the “Alice” for the next day.)

(Although, we were the ones who prepared the lot for the first day, and there’s a time lag involved with the editing and broadcasting of the event…)

(So in reality, the “Alice” for each day has essentially already been decided well in advance.)

(It’s a TV program. Through editing and production, it’s easy to control the voting results arbitrarily.)

(As long as the results don't seem unnatural to the viewers, we can easily proceed with our plans.)

(For the very first day of “Wonder Game”, we didn’t choose Eden, the most influential of all participating units, to be “Alice”...)

(Because that would be too obvious for the viewers.)

(To be honest… All the other “units”, including Switch, have no outstanding characteristics whatsoever.)

(Since there’s no obvious winning horse in this race, there probably won’t be any distrust in the results of the “Alice” elections.)

(Even if they differ from viewer expectations, they’ll probably just shrug it off. It’s not like these are political elections, so there likely won’t be anyone who gets angry because the results differ from their predictions.)

(As long as people don’t feel like they’ve been wronged, they surprisingly won’t complain.)

(Anyway. In this manner, all we have to do is spend these two weeks playing out a pleasant slapstick comedy.)

(If nothing impedes it, we can take it easy and earn huge profits from all this.)

(We turned down the role of “Alice”, the leading role, of our own volition, but...)

(That just made us look generous and increased our likability, while putting us in a more favourable position.)

(A more unique position. The role of “Alice”, the protagonist, is chosen again every single day for two weeks, so it has no scarcity value.)

(Things that stand out and are valued just for being rare are the basis of economics… The rule of supply and demand.)

(Officially, “Alice” is the protagonist of the story. But from a meta perspective, we are the ones standing at the center.)

(Known as the “Red Queen”, if you change the reading of the name a bit, it becomes “Evil King”[2]!)

(Ah hahaha! How wonderful and thrilling, “I” am the “King” of that world...!)

Nagisa Ran School Dialogue Render.png

…..Ibara~? Why are you laughing ominously and loudly in a place like this?

…..If the school regulations haven’t changed since then, the rooftop at Yumenosaki has been declared off-limits.

…..I think it’s best not to trespass.

Ibara Saegusa School Dialogue Render.png

My oh my! To think that His Excellency would preach to me about common sense, you’ve really matured!

It makes me feel like a parent or a teacher who has learned from their own child, though that might be an insolent manner of speaking! Ah ha ha ☆

Nagisa Ran School Dialogue Render.png

….You’re in a good mood. That’s fine, though. A laughing face is better than a crying one.

Ibara Saegusa School Dialogue Render.png

Yes. It’s smooth sailing~, I can’t help but break into a smile.

Though I believe we must keep our guard up. Which is exactly why I’m about to visit His Eminence Eichi for one last push.

  1. Since this is Ibara, he uses an idiom involving snakes in Japanese. “蛇の道は蛇” (lit. A snake knows the path of snakes).
  2. “Aka no Jouou” turns into “Aku no Ou”
Translation: Bakemonoremy
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