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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Wonder Game - Chapter 11.png
Location: Student Council Room (Afternoon)
(Something Precious) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render.png

Let's say I misuse my pocket money in order to carry out "Wonder Game" the way you intended it.

It's likely that everyone will be amazed, praise us, and say we did an astounding job with it.

However, it would then be a mere pipe dream that was realized only because fine is affiliated with me, the son of a conglomerate. No one else could emulate that.

That means it'd be entirely pointless. I keep repeating myself here, but we intend to become an example for all other students.

We must make them believe that anyone can do this, as long as they work hard to do it.

Hiyori Tomoe 2nd Year School Dialogue Render.png

Yep, yep. I understand that, I mean, it's not as though anyone can become the Tenshouin conglomerate's son just through effort.

(Something Precious) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render.png

Exactly. We have to begin with the same prerequisites everyone else does...

Also, and this is important, we must make everyone believe that we flourished as wonderful idols "through hard work".

“Because we had a ton of money”, “because we got lucky” or “because we are geniuses” don’t cut it.

It has to be that we earned glory “because we did our best” even though we’re no different from anyone else.

If we can make them believe that, then for the very first time, even those unmotivated layabouts will clench their fists, stand up and say, "I'm going to do it, too".

What they need is to think "I can achieve the same thing they did", so in other words, they need hope.

Even if we held a lavish live show successfully and became famous for it, it's meaningless if we were the only group that could pull it off.

No... In fact, let’s leave that to the “Five Oddballs” instead.

They can show off their excessive talent as much as they like in magnificent displays of effort. I don't intend to stop them.

However, when masses of ordinary people watch them rise to success as a result of having something they don't, the sentiment will be "these guys are different from us"... A feeling of alienation..

In other words, I'll make everyone realize that distance.

At first, this will create a sense of adoration. Childish admiration, like when one lays eyes on the princes and princesses in fairy tales.

“They’re amazing”, “They’re so cool”, “So cute”... and so on.

However, once they grow up, everyone realizes that it doesn't matter how they may struggle, they will never become a prince or a princess. And then, all that remains is either jealousy or indifference.

Either “it’s not fair that it’s only them”, or “they're different, so they have nothing to do with us”.

Once the other idols, just like them, characters in the same story as them, have nothing but those sentiments in their hearts, it will all be over for them.

But we aren't like that. We'll succeed just by "trying our best", or at least, we'll make it appear that way.

To do your best and treat others with kindness, that’s something anyone can do.

The important part is to make it seem like something “anyone can do”.

You can think of it like those male-targeted love comedies where an ordinary, talentless guy becomes popular with the ladies just by doing his best for their sake and treating them nicely.

Being so easily loved by everyone just by doing things anyone could do… That’s the kind of true-to-life protagonists we’ll be.

(Wonder Board) Nagisa Ran Full Render.png

…..So you read manga and stuff. I mean, and the like. Eichi-kun?

(Something Precious) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render.png

Yes. A certain straight-laced childhood friend of mine is unexpectedly into them. He often lent me manga while I was hospitalized, even though I never asked him to do that. I still read them every so often, out of force of habit.

(Night Sky's Weaving Star) Tsumugi Aoba Full Render.png

Ahaha. You must be talking about Keito-kun. But rather than simply being into them, it feels like he is caught in a love-hate spiral with them.

(Something Precious) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render.png

That’s just how he feels about the ones he’s drawn himself. No one would go that far unless they had a lot of either love or hatred for something. ...Well, I guess I don’t particularly hate those kinds of childish fantasies.

In any case. It’s for the aforementioned reasons that I don’t think it would be advisable for us to perform “Wonder Game”.

But I will say that there weren’t any flaws that stood out to me in the proposal itself, it was well made. These aren’t empty words of flattery.

It’s just that the proposal isn’t suitable for us as we are now. We can’t let people think that we live in a distant world, that we are inhabitants of Wonderland.

Even without changing the theme of it, there wouldn’t be a problem with it as long as we could make it look like something anyone could pull off, though.

But we’d have to reassess most of it… In which case, it’d be quicker to assemble a new proposal from scratch, and we’d be able to finalize it to be ideal for us.

I’m sorry, Tsumugi. I do think it’s despicable of me to order a retake after all the trouble you went through. I should’ve shared my intentions with you from the beginning.

(Night Sky's Weaving Star) Tsumugi Aoba Full Render.png

Eh? Nono, it’s really okay~?

I’m at fault too for working so avidly and without rest to finish this proposal, even though all you said to me was “think of something if you can”!

I got a bit carried away, ahaha...♪

(Something Precious) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render.png

I think that’s fine, since it just goes to show how motivated you are to start our idol activities.

That’s the kind of personnel we, no, Yumenosaki Academy, needs. And of course, the idol industry, too.

Hiyori Tomoe 2nd Year School Dialogue Render.png
Yep yep! We may have to put it on hold for now, but one day we might be in a situation where we can do a live just like this one, who knows?

And for when that time comes, we can keep this proposal in stock!

It’d be a waste to crumple it up and throw it into the garbage can, since it seems like such a lovely live ♪

(Night Sky's Weaving Star) Tsumugi Aoba Full Render.png

Hiyori-kun… Thank you very much, I am so happy to hear that.

Hiyori Tomoe 2nd Year School Dialogue Render.png
Fufun. Besides, all you received as instructions was Eichi-kun’s overly irresponsible “Think of something if you can”.

And yet you managed to write such a wonderful proposal--

Now that you know the prerequisites, I am sure you’ll be able to write a whole heap of perfect proposals based on those.

We’ll help you out and brainstorm with you, so let’s think of something great together ♪

(Something Precious) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render.png

Oh my, aren’t you ever so eager all of a sudden, Hiyori-kun. Bravo, bravo ♪

Hiyori Tomoe 2nd Year School Dialogue Render.png

Yep. While we were talking, it sank in that we really will be able to start proper idol activities soon, and I got excited.

Aah… That’s what we came to Yumenosaki for in the first place, though.

At some point along the line we forgot about that, and gave up on it. But it’s not too late for us yet… As long as we’re in fine, I feel like we’ll be able to turn this long-held dream into reality.

(Something Precious) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render.png

Yeah. Let’s all become idols, together.

(Wonder Board) Nagisa Ran Full Render.png

…..I’ve been an idol since the moment I was born.

…..But. I am the only one who thinks that, so I want to-. No, I will work hard in order to make everyone else believe it, too.

(Night Sky's Weaving Star) Tsumugi Aoba Full Render.png

Yes! Let’s do our best, together! I was a bit disheartened for just a moment because my proposal was rejected, but conversely, I’m kind of fired up now, too ☆

(Something Precious) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render.png

(Fufu. Somehow, everyone’s weirdly excited now. I’m so glad.)

(I didn’t want to tell them about the “invisible reason” yet, so it’s a relief that they forgot about it.)

(The “invisible reason”, that is, a secret strategy that I can’t tell them about yet… Right now, I don’t want to appear on stage with big fanfare and stand out yet.)

(One day, we’ll flourish by winning against the “Five Oddballs” and turning them into sacrifices. However, they are too strong…)

(In order to defeat them, we need a plan. For example, an unexpected surprise attack from the rear…)

(In that moment, we’ll steal their position, take their place as the protagonists of this story.)

(For now, you can keep on dreaming, innocent Alices. Eventually, it will all be reversed. Dreams will turn into reality, and protagonists into villains.)

(Aah, I can’t wait… I’ve been longing for this unexpected plot-twist for so long.)

Translation: Bakemonoremy
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