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  • 3/14/17 - 3/29/17: White Day messages from 15 characters total throughout the campaign.


  • Two Story Keys were given out on March 14, 2016 in celebration of White Day

White Day Rei 2017.png
Rei Sakuma
Reward: 5 Diamonds

"It is a gift for White Day. It is not a sweet return gift, but please accept it...... ♪"

White Day Ritsu 2017.png
Ritsu Sakuma
Reward: 1 Story Key

"Thanks for the choco. Well, I was thinking I'd be able to get more than Anija but......?"

White Day Izumi 2017.png
Izumi Sena
Reward: 1 Sports Drink

"You really have the spare time to expressly give me chocolates, don't you? ...... Well, I'm glad for the sentiment though."

White Day Leo 2017.png
Leo Tsukinaga
Reward: 5 Diamonds

"Ahh that's right, thanks for the choco! The return gift is this and~...... I'll write a song so wait for it!"

White Day Chiaki 2017.png
Chiaki Morisawa
Reward: 5 Konpeito

"I was really happy that you prepared chocolate for my sake! I feel... lots of love......!"

White Day Tsukasa 2017.png
Tsukasa Suou
Reward: 1 Sports Drink

"Thank you very much for the 'Chocolate' filled with emotion. Naturally, I also prepared a return gift. ♪"

White Day Mika 2017.png
Mika Kagehira
Reward: 5 Diamonds

"I got that much chocolate and all, I thought I wanna give even just a little return gift, ya know. I wonder if you'd be pleased with this?"

White Day Mao 2017.png
Mao Isara
Reward: 5 Konpeito

"Thanks ♪ I didn't think that I could receive that many so I'm surprised. But I was glad!"

White Day Midori 2017.png
Midori Takamine
Reward: 5 Diamonds

"Um......I thought I shouldn't just be receiving...It's a return gift......Even if it's just this, I tried to make a huge effort on it but......"

White Day Kaoru 2017.png
Kaoru Hakaze
Reward: 1 Sports Drink

"Thanks ♪
This is as thanks too, but I wanna give you something better, you know ♪"

White Day Nazuna 2017.png
Nazuna Nito
Reward: 5 Diamonds

"Thanks! This is a White Day return gift from Ni~chan too! Go on~ Take it!"

White Day Arashi 2017.png
Arashi Narukami
Reward: 1 Story Key

"Hii~i ♪ I'm very happy that I was able to receive so many chocolates. So let me thank you, too okay? ♪"

White Day Koga 2017.png
Koga Oogami
Reward: 5 Diamonds

"How is it!? It's a return gift from me! 'Cause I properly got the hot feelings expressed from your chocolates!"

White Day Shinobu 2017.png
Shinobu Sengoku
Reward: 1 Story Key


White Day Wataru 2017.png
Wataru Hibiki
Reward: 5 Diamonds


Happy White Day Kaoru 2016.png
White Day 2016
Kaoru Hakaze

"やっほ〜☆ ホワイトデーにお返しの担当をするなら、やっぱ俺だよねっ♪ いつも応援ありがとう。これからもみんなを笑顔にさせられるようにがんばるから、応援よろしくね!"

Happy White Day Chiaki 2017.png
White Day 2017
Chiaki Morisawa

"Thank you for all your passionate yells! We'll be glad if you cheer on our activities from here on out, as well! After that, we'll be giving out lots of chocolates, too! There are messages from all of us, so come and see ☆"

Happy White Day Shu 2018.png
White Day 2018
Shu Itsuki


Happy White Day Leo 2019.png
White Day 2019
Leo Tsukinaga

"いつも応援ありがとう、みんな! こうしてみんなと会う瞬間、仲間と歌う瞬間すべてに刺激がいっぱいだ! これからもおれたちと一緒に最高の景色を見に行こうっ、愛してるよ!"

Happy White Day Natsume 2020.png
White Day 2020
Natsume Sakasaki

"いつも応援してくれているみんなニ、今日一日幸せでいられる魔法をかけてあげよウ。ありがとウ、これからもボクたちはその期待に必ず応えていくヨ♪ Happy White Day!"

White Day 2017 Envelope Hokuto.png
Hokuto Hidaka

"Just for today, I'll sing and dance thinking only of you. It's my way of showing my thanks to you, so please watch my performance through 'till the end."

White Day 2017 Envelope Subaru.png
Subaru Akehoshi

"I love presents~ They're so shiny! ☆ It'd be great if the world could be filled with bright, sparkly thoughts of gratitude~♪"

White Day 2017 Envelope Makoto.png
Makoto Yuuki

"I, um, you know...? I have something I want to give you in return for the chocolate you gave me. I- I'm, um, not really used to this kind of thing~ My hands are shaking!"

White Day 2017 Envelope Mao.png
Mao Isara

"Thanks for the chocolate. Here, I made sure to bring you a return gift. Ahaha, it's not going to up and vanish, so take your time eating it ♪"

White Day 2017 Envelope Eichi.png
Eichi Tenshouin

"Fufu. The chocolate you gave me was full of your feelings, so I was quite pleased with it. Hopefully, this return gift will convey my own feelings ♪"

White Day 2017 Envelope Tori.png
Tori Himemiya

"Fufun, bow down! I prepared a present for you, slave. Accept it and be thankful~ ♪"

White Day 2017 Envelope Wataru.png
Wataru Hibiki

"Amazing! This is love, isn't it? Behold, your chocolate has transformed into my cookies! Now, this is my present to you ☆"

White Day 2017 Envelope Yuzuru.png
Yuzuru Fushimi

"This is a token of my appreciation for the other day. I cannot express how thankful I am that you would extend your kindness even to me ♪"

White Day 2017 Envelope Rei.png
Rei Sakuma

"Kukuku, I'll return sweets for sweets. Now then, what sort of sweets would you like, child? I'll grant you whatsoever your heart desires ♪"

White Day 2017 Envelope Adonis.png
Adonis Otogari

"Apparently girls like cute, sweet things more than meat. I like sweet things too. Let's go out to eat together sometime. That'll be my return gift."

White Day 2017 Envelope Koga.png
Koga Oogami

"......Here, gimme your hand. I'm not the type to just take stuff without giving anything back, okay? Here's a return gift. Be grateful!"

White Day 2017 Envelope Kaoru.png
Kaoru Hakaze

"Of anyone, I'm glad I could receive chocolate from you ♪ I made a reservation just for you. Of course, you'll let me take you out, right?"

White Day 2017 Envelope Leo.png
Leo Tsukinaga

"Wahahaha, the chocolate you gave me helped with my composition! I wrote a song for you as thanks. What do you think of this melody......♪"

White Day 2017 Envelope Izumi.png
Izumi Sena

"Fifty points. That's the score the chocolate you gave me gets. Still, that just means you've got room left to improve. Do your best again next time, okay?"

White Day 2017 Envelope Arashi.png
Arashi Narukami

"Ufufu, so like, did you like my return gift? I picked something su~~per cute for you ♪"

White Day 2017 Envelope Tsukasa.png
Tsukasa Suou

"Thank you very much for the chocolate......♪ Please allow me to keep attending to you as your knight. It's our promise, Onee-sama ♪"

White Day 2017 Envelope Ritsu.png
Ritsu Sakuma

"Fufufu, have a taste of my specially-made sweets~☆ The taste and appearance are both flawless and first-rate. I put patisserie chefs to shame~♪"

White Day 2017 Envelope Chiaki.png
Chiaki Morisawa

"Yeah. You're not my girlfriend, but I was glad to get chocolate from you nonetheless! I thought I should give you something in return, so I prepared this. Please accept it!"

White Day 2017 Envelope Tetora.png
Tetora Nagumo

"This isn't handmade, but it's still got all my feelings in it! Please accept this!"

White Day 2017 Envelope Kanata.png
Kanata Shinkai

"Thank you very much for the "chocolate"~ As thanks, I'll give you a "toy" of a "deep-sea fish." It's cute, isn't it~? ♪"

White Day 2017 Envelope Midori.png
Midori Takamine

"Do you like mascot characters......? I just picked out something with my own judgement, but I'd be glad if you liked it......♪"

White Day 2017 Envelope Shinobu.png
Shinobu Sengoku

"I picked this out, so I'm worried about whether or not you'll like it de gozaru. Oh, but still, I do think you'll like it de gozaru ♪"

White Day 2017 Envelope Nazuna.png
Nazuna Nito

"Thanksh-- Hnn, thanks. You made me really happy~ I'd be glad if you'd feel that happy too ♪"

White Day 2017 Envelope Tomoya.png
Tomoya Mashiro

"It's kinda embarrassing to prepare a return gift. I kept imagining... 'I wonder if this is how she felt giving chocolate to me~' ♪"

White Day 2017 Envelope Hajime.png
Hajime Shino

"Ehehe, I made you a sachet in return for the chocolate. I'd be glad if it helps you relax at least a little ♪"

White Day 2017 Envelope Mitsuru.png
Mitsuru Tenma

"I packed all my feelings into this su~per tight! So here! When you smile, I get this huge grin on my face too ♪"

White Day 2017 Envelope Hinata.png
Hinata Aoi

"Nisshisshi, here's your return gift~☆ What's inside it? You'll have to just open it and find out! Also, tell me what you think of it when you do ☆"

White Day 2017 Envelope Yuta.png
Yuuta Aoi

"Thank you very much for the chocolate ♪ I made you a present in return. Will you accept it?"

White Day 2017 Envelope Keito.png
Keito Hasumi

"Thanks. It's nothing special, but I prepared a gift in return for your chocolate. No need to be so modest. Go ahead and take it."

White Day 2017 Envelope Kuro.png
Kuro Kiryu

"Thanks for giving chocolate to a guy like me. It's just a small token of my thanks, but please accept this......♪"

White Day 2017 Envelope Souma.png
Souma Kanzaki

"Indeed, I must return the favor for the "chokoreito" you gave me. I have prepared this fish for you. Please enjoy it while it's still fresh......☆"

White Day 2017 Envelope Shu.png
Shu Itsuki

"Hmph, so there are eccentric people like you...... Do you like croissants? I baked this for you, so it would trouble me if you refused to eat it."

White Day 2017 Envelope Mika.png
Mika Kagehira

"Thanks~ The chocolate ya gave me was real good ♪ I love candy, so I got candy ta give ya in return~♪"

White Day 2017 Envelope Natsume.png
Natsume Sakasaki

"I can tell exactly what you desire, kitty cAT. Fufufu, why don't I prove it to You? Now theN, give me your hAND......♪"

White Day 2017 Envelope Tsumugi.png
Tsumugi Aoba

"Thank you very much for the delicious chocolate. I brought you a return gift. I'd be glad if you'd accept this ♪"

White Day 2017 Envelope Sora.png
Sora Harukawa

"HaHa~♪ If Sora gets a present, he's supposed to give something back in return! Smiles are a pretty "color," you know~? Sora loves pretty colors!"

White Day 2017 Envelope Jin.png
Jin Sagami

"Didn't you have anyone better to give chocolate to than a crusty old fart like me? Well, still, thanks ♪"

White Day 2017 Envelope Akiomi.png
Akiomi Kunugi

"We shouldn't get carried away with events like this. That being said, I can't be inconsiderate and ignore the holiday. I did eat it, so please relax."