Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Intimacy Level 15
Wataru Hibiki Sub Story Part 3
Season: Spring (春) Location: In Front of Fountain


Why, why, isn’t that the Transfer Student over there? What are you doing here?

Incidentally, I was admiring the sound of music that life plays right here…!

The flowing water from the fountain heals me, and surely, the glaring sun rays will drive out delight into a vortex! How wonderful!

Amazing! Once again, the world is filled with love and peace today…☆

Oh, please don’t be so guarded. I am not here to preach nor surprise you.

I simply cannot hide my excitement when I see another who can speak of the beauties of the world.

You are someone absolutely necessary to Yumenosaki Academy; someone who is transforming into an existence that will provide stimulus to the world.

Amazing! Surely, your future will be adorned with a large rose, and the academy will give its first cries of delight…!

Hokuto-kun has taken that first step. I am envious of him.

For he has touched the one who will awaken this academy, and is rejoicing in the life that is overflowing with love.

Fufufu, you seem confused. I don’t mind, either way!

Life is all about being toyed with by fate! There is no need to be embarrassed by that. In fact, you should be proud…!

I hear you’re making the outfits for “Trickstar”. I heard it from Hokuto-kun himself, so there must be no mistake.

The design is quite novel, so I had considered asking you to make outfits for the Drama Club.

To see you have appeared in front of me before I called you must mean the world has blessed me…!

Otherwise, it would be impossible to us to meet purely out of coincidence!

Now, would you be able to make an outfit that will fill the world with light together with me? The Drama Club will provide all expenses, of course.

You will only be making an outfit that will satisfy me. How about that? It’s not a difficult matter, is it?

Fufufu, I see. It’s a shame, naturally, but I do not intend to pressure you at all.

I’ve been disrespectful to ask you, the one who has shook Hokuto-kun’s heart.

It appears you’ll be the one to lead “Trickstar”.

It moves my heart to imagine the size of the thing you’ll bring to the academy…!

I am in “fine”, not “Trickstar”. In your eyes, I may be the same as an enemy.

However, I have faith! In a future where everyone, regardless of position, will take each other’s hands…!

I believe from the bottom of my heart that your existence is necessary in order for that to happen ☆

Translation: Creampuffs
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