Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Intimacy Level 10
Wataru Hibiki Sub Story Part 2
Season: Spring (春) Location: Drama Club Room

Why, isn’t that the Transfer Student over there…!?

Amazing! Our encounter must be some sort of fate. Come dance with me.

As fellow people who play the music to love, I’m sure we’ll be able to create a wonderful rhythm…!

Fufufu, you’re surprised, aren’t you? Emotionally moved, aren’t you? Wonderful!

This world is overflowing with surprises…!

I see you’ve understood there is nothing sweeter than overcoming that!

Amazing! I am your, and yours truly, Wataru Hibiki…☆

Oh, my apologies. It seems I’ve given you a fright.

Fufufu, surprises are the principals to this world, so I very much wanted you to experience it…♪

A superb reaction. I shall offer a new surprise for you…☆

One, two, three…

Now, take out your hand. Oh, I won’t suddenly take your hand and begin dancing, so be at ease.

If that’s what you wish for, then I am willing, you know?

Dancing is love, and also hope for all humanity…! Do you understand? I suppose you don’t.

However, that’s fine as it is! Love is unfathomable; our dreams expand because we cannot understand…☆

Oh, it seems I’ve gotten off track. Fufufu, I was very excited to see what sort of reaction you’d give ♪

Now, open your hand. What do you think? Are you surprised? I’m sure you are.

That’s right! Rainbow jelly! Do you understand how I felt when I acquired such a wonderful product?

I felt so emotionally moved, as if delightful melodies rang out in my head and a saviour had appeared in front of me…!

Fufufu, having acquired this is the same as having the world in the palm of your hand…☆

Ahh, please don’t worry. I have no such wishes to conquer the world.

I simply wish to fill the world to its brim with love…☆

That is this! Take a bite of this supreme food, this rainbow jelly, and you shall be happy as well ♪

Now, go on. Fufufu, how is it? You must be so moved you’re speechless…!

That’s right. This normalcy is such that is filled with surprises and love ♪

The element of surprise is truly the secret which engulfs the world…☆

I’m sure you’ll understand someday. Even now, I cannot wait until that day arrives…♪

Translation: Creampuffs
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