Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Intimacy Level 2
Wataru Hibiki sub story part 1
Season: Spring (春) Location: Theater Clubroom

Well well, welcome to my kingdom...☆

Fufufu, you are surprised? Indeed, you are surprised! Wonderful!

Surprise is a stimulus that allows organisms to evolve! So, more than anything, I love to surprise others!

For your sake, let us cherish your surprise! For my sake, let us surprise everyone in the world!

Every day is a good day[1], as the world is full of surprises today as well!

Amazing! It is a pleasure to meet you, I am your very own Wataru Hibiki...☆

Oh, it doesn't matter if you cannot understand this situation!

Swaying with excitement, that is a dance I love!

Do you understand? Do you not understand?

Even if you do not understand, let us dance! Dancing fool, watching fool: all fools, so let us dance...

While saying as such, I brewed a cup of tea! For you~♪

Do you like roses? If so, let us be accompanied by a rose!

Do you like doves? If so, let us release a dove!

Let us bring color to this world, and fill it with wonder and brilliance!

My specialty is magic and mimicking voices! Fufufu, I had summoned you here with Hokuto-kun's voice!

The culprit is me: That's right, your very own Wataru Hibiki...

Over the phone, I can replicate anyone's voice with confidence that I cannot be uncovered!

You met with Hokuto-kun, while still in your early days, did you not? You may have been deceived (about me)!

However, I want to believe! That for me, there was no such malice!

I wish for you to believe in my love, for I ubiquitously love everyone within the this world...☆

Amazing! There is happiness within humanity in the world! What an amazing life...☆

Oops, I got a little too enthused. Fufufu, please do not fear so!

I have also been called 'The Phantom' and one of the 'Three Oddballs', but I really don't bite?

I am the director of the theater club, but Hokuto-kun, one of the members, is awfully like you in your dedication!

Therefore, I wanted to see you, hence why I called you! Do you understand?

Fufufu, that boy rarely shows such a fixation on something...♪

It's because you're such a dull person that you do not know what it is to live happily, Hokuto-kun!

But, I have faith!

Even within such a boring, unfeeling person such as Hokuto-kun, in the bottom of his heart, I am sure there resides overflowing love!

If your love for Hokuto-kun plants such a seed in his heart, I would never be happier!

Even in deserts flowers bloom, don't you agree?

With Hokuto-kun- No, with all of Yumenosaki Academy!

As a newcomer, you can be become the best stimulus: and I expect that with your everlasting love, these flowers will bloom!

...Oops, drink the tea before it cools ♪

I give you a grand welcome, from the bottom of my heart!

It seems like I have been always waiting for you, from a past life; I can sense the destiny and love!

Amazing! To celebrate this spectacular new world, let us have a magnificent toast!

  1. Chinese / Japanese Buddhist proverb
Translator: YumenoUkihashi
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