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An idol with a flair for acting and magic tricks. Wataru is restless and full of energy. He also treasures love and surprises. With cheerful dancing and singing, he delivers bold, showy performances.

A member of Starmaker Production's fine.[1]

Ensemble Stars! Introduction

Fickle and elusive, Wataru lives in his own peculiar world and is one of the Three Eccentrics. His speech and actions are theatrical at all times, and the Theater Club members are victims of his erratic behavior. Because he often wears a mask, the members call him "Masked Freak."

Even though he's eccentric, his talent for singing and acting are undoubted, so a lot of fans gather at his plays and live shows. He is a member of fine, the academy's most formidable unit.[2]


Wataru is a very tall young man with back-length light blue hair that is a slightly more vivid blue at the tips, a braid to the left side with a maroon band and ties it in a bun in the back, light purple eyes and a good build.

Ensemble Stars! Appearance

Wataru is a very tall young man with back-length light blue hair that is a slightly more vivid blue at the tips, a braid to the left side with a maroon band and ties it in a bun in the back, light purple eyes and a good build. He wears the school uniform with the white shirt undone at the collar and a green tie. He wears a brown and grey two-toned vest with black buttons. He wears the school's blazer off his shoulders and black and white dress shoes with black laces. Incidentally, Wataru's blazer is notably different from all of the other students', somewhat resembling a trench coat.

On stage, Wataru wears fine's uniform; a white tuxedo shirt with a blue tie and a dark blue vest with yellow buttons. The uniform consists of a regal white and gold jacket with decorations on the lapel. He also wears white suit pants and white dress shoes.


Wataru is a loud enigmatic young man who is well-known for his theatrical capabilities. More often than not he is performing some kind of trick or act, especially when around Eichi Tenshouin. He loves to tease his friends (much to Keito Hasumi's chagrin), but it's always done in a light-hearted nature.

Many of the people around him believe he lives in his own world, but it's actually the opposite that is true. Thanks to Wataru's well-known status as a performer, and as an eccentric personality, he is hyperaware of his surroundings and never lets his act up to ensure no one around him gets bored. The only time he is seen to drop his act is in Phantom Thieves VS Detectives when he opened up to Tomoya Mashiro about his past.

Wataru used to distance himself from others, and even had no interest in fine at the beginning of Ensemble Stars! despite being a member of the unit himself. He mentioned that he does not want to remember people's names so he calls most people by nicknames, including his unit-mates Tori Himemiya and Yuzuru Fushimi. Despite showing that he has remembered Eichi Tenshouin's and Keito Hasumi's names, he still frequently calls them by nicknames as well, usually in a playful or teasing manner (in Keito's case, at least). Later on Wataru claims that it is thanks to Eichi reaching out to him that he was able to become closer to others.

While he is known for trying to keep the mood light, and for keeping everyone entertained, he can become quite ruthless when training his juniors. But his extreme training has no malicious intent, as he usually sees things that others do not and wishes to hone his juniors' skills to the best of his capability so that they can have an easier time in the future. He also does his best to encourage his friends, such as Keito Hasumi and Shu Itsuki, to utilize their talents unsuitable for idol work in other fields, namely in theater.


Wataru's full name, in the original Japanese order (hibiki wataru, 響き渡る), is synonymous with a phrase that means "to echo, to reverberate." This phrase appears in fine's song, Neo Sanctuary.


  • Wataru is able to perform magic tricks.
  • Wataru is apparently able to walk over water for at least fifteen meters.[3]
  • Wataru gives most people nicknames, claiming that he doesn't want to remember their names, but he makes some exceptions (notably for the others of the Five Eccentrics, the members of the Theatre Club,[4] and his fellow fine member, Eichi).
  • Wataru claims to have sentient hair.[5]
  • Wataru is able to hypnotize people, as shown when he hypnotized Souma to ask him questions.[6]

Voice Actor Comment

"This is supposed to be an idol game, but the character that I was in charge of has a very quirky personality (laugh), and it was a lot of fun to portray him. I was allowed to be quite adventurous in my acting, and I hope the audience will enjoy those parts (laugh). I'm also looking forward to playing the game!" (Enstars!)

""[7] (Enstars!!)

Voice Actor Interview

Wataru Hibiki
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