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Ensemble Stars! Unit Song CD Vol.2 Knights is the first single released by Knights. It features two unit songs, a karaoke version those songs, and a drama track.

Track Listing

  1. Voice of Sword

    - Lyrics: Mel*
    - Composition: Tsukasa Yatoki (矢鴇つかさ) - Arte Refact
    - Arrangement: Tsukasa Yatoki & Takuya Sakai (矢鴇つかさ & 酒井拓也) - Arte Refact
  2. Checkmate Knights

    - Lyrics: Mel*
    - Composition: Satoru Kuwabara (桑原聖) - Arte Refact
    - Arrangement: Takuya Sakuya (酒井拓也) - Arte Refact
  3. Original Short Drama
  4. Voice of Sword (Karaoke ver.)
  5. Checkmate Knights (Karaoke ver.)

First Press Bonus

First Press release came with a serial code for the 4★ card (Oath's Unison) Leo Tsukinaga. Animate first press release bonus included a postcard and a badge featuring the CD cover illustration. If you ordered all 8 CDs, it came with a balloting ticket for the Yumenosaki Private Academy Dream Festival (May 2016).


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