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  • Everyone who logs in before the end of March gets 60 diamonds and 3 story keys in their present box.
Valentine's Campaign Point 1 Valentine's Campaign Point 2 Valentine's Campaign Point 3
Valentine Campaign 2017 Point 1.png

Receive video messages on White Day from the characters you pick to send chocolate.
Valentine Campaign 2017 Point 2.png

Diamonds (max 60) and story keys (max 3) for total event tweets sent.
Valentine Campaign 2017 Point 3.png

Doing either the Valentine or White Day campaigns puts you into a raffle for Ensemble Stars merch.
Valentine Campaign 2017 Point 4.png

Valentine's Campaign Point 2
10,000 chocolates = 15 diamonds
50,000 chocolate = 3 Story Keys
100,000 chocolates = 15 diamonds
150,000 chocolate = 30 diamonds