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    He looks cocky and arrogant but caring haha. I like him The quite type who is super nice at times (could be an asshole on the inside). Not really who i'd associate with. The Lolita boy ( the one who acts like a baby). Not really who i'd associate with. Looks like a upbeat kind of person He looks complicated. Like a boastful person

    I kind of like this one... the Lolita haha again Mysterious I can't define him at all. Outgoing type Hmm another cute one looks like he outdoes himself Hes the cute innocent one who loves his brother He's cuteeee now he looks like the snobby brat COCKYY LOOK At his hand wave... Choice of outfit is quite reveling. He's the kid who is outgoing and does tricks is wise. Could be elegant in some form. The one who get…

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    Le Poll Ideas

    April 29, 2016 by ShitaraRen
    • Favorite Character from the Following Unit?
      • Trickstar
      • fine
      • UNDEAD
      • Knights
      • Rabits
      • AKATSUKI
      • 2wink / Faculty (Combined? or separate?)
      • Valkyrie
    • Favorite Club?
    • Favorite Card Type?
    • Favorite Character by Class? (Or year)
      • 1-A
      • 1-B
      • 2-A
      • 2-B
      • 3-A
      • 3-B
    • Favorite Oddball
    • Favorite Story Type
    • Favorite Event? (Set up in Rounds)
    • Favorite Scout? (Set up in Rounds too)
    • Favorite Unit CD Songs
    • Favorite Initial Five Star Scout Card?
    • Daikichi vs Leon - the Ultimate Battle
    • Votes for Ruka Tsukinaga - Save a Soul for Each Vote you give to Ruka-tan
    • Favorite Subaru Nickname
    • Favorite Character Quirk
    • Favorite Body Part of Anzu shown in a Card (As you can see im just pulling ideas straight out of my ass)
    • Favorite Iconic moment in Enstars
      • Shinobu teaches Souma the Naruto Run, and explains it to …
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  • ShitaraRen
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    April 2, 2016 by ShitaraRen

    reference for myself

    (?) followed kuro?
    Promised to enter the academy together with Tomoya. Inspired by Nazuna's Singing

    Ahaha. That day…. the two of us sobbed ourselves silly, didn’t we? After I got home, my brothers and sisters were worried.
    But, it really echoed in my heart.
    Up until then, I was feeling really light-hearted about everything, but…
    It made me think that I really wanted to become an idol. Thank you very much…… Nito-senpai. ♪ ~ Reminiscence

    Promised to enter the academy together with Hajime. Inspired by Nazuna's Singing

    No, I was impressed, you know. Maybe.. it was because we weren’t really used to hearing songs, but..
    You guys’ singing voices, Nito-senpai, were heart-rending and.. listening to them, I could not stop my tears.
    ~ Rem…

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