Ensemble Stars!

A screenshot from Ryuuseitai's Album video, with edits added by myself.

I am a ChiakiP & LionHeartP, but I love all the characters, they are all so precious. 

I just started to translate stuff on this wiki, I might not be very good so tell me if something I translated is incorrect or can be improved. Thank you.

Can leave messages in the message wall page, but it's better to send me a message on twitter because I'm not always on the wiki and I'll probably respond faster on Twitter.

My favorite pages

(↑ my first translations on the ES wiki)

My favorite songs of each unit

  • Trickstar - Infinite Star & Kiseki
  • UNDEAD - Gate of the Abyss
  • Knights - Graceful Allegiance
  • Ra*bits - Love Ra*bits Party!!
  • 2wink - 2winkle Star Beat☆
  • Akatsuki - Zan -Ketsui no Yaiba-
  • fine - Tempest Night
  • Valkyrie - Memoire Antique
  • Switch - Magic for Your 'Switch'
  • MaM - Yukai Tsuukai That's Alright!
  • Eden - The Genesis
  • Alkaloid - Tsubasa Moratorium
  • Crazy:B - Crazy Roulette
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