aka Jupika/Julia(as shown in avatar)

  • I live in California 76+% of the time
  • My occupation is Student

Hey guys, I'm Julia but you can also call me Jupika or Appy. I stopped playing AnSta so I'll barely be on here if at all -w-;

I occasionally still play TouRan (to improve my Japanese) and Love Live (BUT IN ENGLISH). I like adding in information for myself and other people, kinda a future reference to have information somewhere but also share it?

Not sure if it shows, but my first wikia-place-thing that I was a part of was Star Project, but that's long gone. Maybe the reason I liked AnSta so much is because of idols and stats and miningupgrading and achievements? (I have an achievement problem btw.)

My favorite pages (Under Construction)

  • Idk
  • Maybe I'll put something here one day
  • Maybe
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