Probably the only Yuzuru and Midori shipper on the planet, but it doesn't make them any less perfect or my feelings any less strong. oTZ

I got into AnStar like a whirlwind...mostly because it's impossible to be a weeb in Tokyo and not know about AnStar...actually I have been so preoccupied with school and life that I haven't had much time to be a weeb, and I've still come to know AnStar.

But it was Midori's precious blushu face that drew me in...

I spend much of my time in Japan and I am studying hard at Japanese, so I like to practice translating things for fun sometimes. It is a most excellent way to work on language learning. Actually now I am translating the Mushroom Pup manga because I've given up hope of the English translators releasing the rest, and it was on my way to buy the next volume that I finally gave in to learning about Anstar! ^ ^

Anyways, it's possible I may be able to add some translations to this site. I've rarely made translations for others before, so perhaps I'd be a bit nervous. Colloquialisms and kanji are pretty hard after all, but I can always do my best.

If nothing else I will always translate Midori-related everything for myself, so...I can provide summaries.

Midori is (obviously) my bias, but I am actually in love with all of Ryuseitai. They were the reason I downloaded this game and will always have the top place in my heart. Knights are my other favorite...and I am really interested in the relationship between Izumi and Makoto.

Since Valkyrie came out they have also nestled their way deep into my soul. The relationships between the characters, the perfect Aristotelian tragedy tracking the rise and fall of such a beautifully twisted, complex unit of people...I have to say that I have come to have a deep appreciation for Shu, as broken and terrible as he is.

And also Yuzuru! Because he deserves true happiness in this life.

But actually I just love everyone. xD

I can't wait for there to be an anime! :D


My greatest wish right now is for Midori to love himself as much as I love him.
Also for there to be more English-speaking fans of AnStar.

Also for me to one day be fluent in Japanese.
I guess I have a lot of great wishes...... 

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