kyt (/ cerys in-game). 18, she/her, university student. ENG OK / 中文凑合. i translate chinese sometimes!
(Believing the Potential) Midori Takamine CG2

currently tl'ing 

sengoku night blood collaboration scout story

cn-exclusive limited gacha, in collaboration with sengoku night blood.

  • chapter 1: UP on both DW and wiki
  • chapter 2: UP on DW
  • chapter 3: proofreading stage
  • chapter 4: revision stage
  • chapter 5: revision stage
  • chapter 6: currently translating

↬ various supernova supplementary material 

various supplementary material from supernova while doing cn revival gameplay, such as (incomplete) event lesson mini-event translations.

about translations ☆

  • i translate chinese to english! translation material comes from either the cn (not tw) version of the game, or through the official cnes weibo. there may be discrepancies between my en translation, the cn and the source jp and since i'm essentially translating twice (english from the existing chinese translation of the source japanese material) for most translations (unless it's a cn-exclusive story), there's bound to be interpretation differences. therefore, if you are knowledgeable in jp and see a discrepancy, don't hesitate to contact me!
  • please contact me through my twitter or another method more convenient to you (see carrd for contact links, or use wikia's message board) if you have any questions about my translations, about the changes i make to the wiki or if you want to correct something!
  • although chinese is my native language, english is my first language and my chinese is definitely not up to where I want it to be, so there are times where my translations may not be the best version of the actual words! do not hestitate to contact me if you have any improvement suggestions (or if it's not a story translation, just go ahead and change things yourself)for translated stories, please refer to my dreamwidth for the full chinese transcript you can look off of.
  • i try to make translations as close to the actual cn as possible; however i also keep in mind english flow. however, i'm often not so good at deciding what's the best balance between accuracy and flow, so if you have any improvement suggestions, please send them on my way!

contact & links 

carrd ☆  twitter translation masterpost dreamwidth

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