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♪ Start Date: July 29, 2016

♪ Starter Card: (Chess Lesson) Tsukasa Suou.png
♪ Favorite Units: Knights logo cropped.png ALKALOID ES Logo.png

Just here trying to be helpful when possible.
I try to translate small things, but I have little faith in my ability,
so if something I have written is incorrect, feel free to correct it.
Feel free to ask if you ever need assistance with something.


(Interim of Dreams) Izumi Sena Frameless Bloomed.png (Maiden's Flower Garden) Arashi Narukami Frameless Bloomed.png (Bibliophilia) Tsumugi Aoba Frameless Bloomed.png (Coward Hiding in the Corner) Mayoi Ayase Frameless Bloomed.png (Dog of the New Year) Midori Takamine Frameless Bloomed.png