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  • Start Date: May 12, 2015
  • Starter Card: (Embarrassment) Midori Takamine 4★
  • Rank: 5X

I like to help out with the Wiki where I can.

Sometimes I do small translations. If you want to check the original Japanese, you can find screenshots of text I translated here: card intros and conversations. I'm only a beginner so feel free to correct me.

I'm also recording audio for the Voice Lists. If you have a request for a certain character feel free to ask.

Best Boys

  • God Tier: Midori, Koga
  • Great Tier: Adonis, Tsukasa, Shinobu, Chiaki, Tetora, Arashi, Ritsu, Kanata, Yuzuru, Izumi
  • Good Tier: Hokuto, Tori, Nazuna, Subaru, Hajime, Makoto, Mao, Eichi, Kuro, Koaru, Rei
  • OK Tier: Wataru, Keito, Souma, Hinata, Yuta, Tomoyo, Mitsuru

I love all the characters but this is my relative ranking. Subject to change because I haven't read much of the stories/conversations in English.

My Dreams for the Future

  • Ensemble Stars comes out in English


  • I learn enough Japanese to actually read the story

   (whichever comes first)