Ritsu-deresute like
Hello! I'll be translating some stuffs (mostly event stories and things related to my favs' interaction) 。.(✿╹◡╹)ノ☆.。

oh and please don't use my translations without permission! just leave an ask in my tumblr or dm me on twitter if you wish to do so! っゝω・)っ~☆

Favorite Characters
(Drifting Sky Flower) Ritsu Sakuma Bloomed(Promise of Progress) Mao Isara Bloomed (The Show of the Oddballs) Natsume Sakasaki Bloomed (Performance of Fortune) Sora Harukawa Bloomed (Moon Rabbit of the Full Moon Night) Mitsuru Tenma Bloomed
(Moonlit Childhood Friend) Ritsu Sakuma mini X (Sunlit Childhood Friend) Mao Isara mini

(Mischievous Black Cat) Subaru Akehoshi mini X (Banquet Etiquette) Natsume Sakasaki mini

(Healing Ninja) Midori Takamine mini X (Determined Ninja) Tetora Nagumo mini

(Sea Service) Chiaki Morisawa mini X (Fun Things) Kanata Shinkai mini

(Summer Colored Sunshine) Adonis Otogari mini X 68px

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