(Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe Chibi (Pilot of the Great Sky) Eichi Tenshouin Chibi (Watchful Demon) Rei Sakuma Chibi (Dance Floor) Wataru Hibiki Chibi (Seeking the Truth) Nagisa Ran Chibi

Start Date: May 1, 2015

Starter Card: 30px (Masked Freak) Wataru Hibiki

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Comment Hi~! Uh... I like to make things pretty on this wikia and help with anything I can.
I try not to go overboard ^^;

Oddballs FTW!

(Watchful Demon) Rei Sakuma Bloomed (Angel of the Holy Night) Eichi Tenshouin (Dance Floor) Wataru Hibiki Bloomed (Seeking the Truth) Nagisa Ran Bloomed (Late Night Party) Kaoru Hakaze (Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe Bloomed (Afterlife's Crossroad) Keito Hasumi Bloomed (Dreaming Hours) Ritsu Sakuma Bloomed (Hanafuda) Souma Kanzaki Bloomed (Robin Hood) Leo Tsukinaga (Prince's Awakening) Hokuto Hidaka (King of Sweets) Tsukasa Suou Bloomed
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