aka Cami

  • My occupation is crying over beautiful 2D charas

Hi! I go by Cami (or AsahiKaen online), I'm an AkatsukiP, and I just really, really like helping to keep wikis up-to-date ^^

I'll be doing transcriptions and uploading, feel free to correct my edits if I messed up anywhere! Late night wiki editing doesn't work out very well sometimes, you see.

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(Moonlight's Red Wolf) Kuro Kiryu Bloomed (Island Where Ogres Dwell) Kuro Kiryu Bloomed (Underdoctor) Kuro Kiryu Bloomed
(Akatsuki's Ogre) Kuro Kiryu Bloomed (Lantern and Cat) Kuro Kiryu (Lantern and Cat) Kuro Kiryu Bloomed

Railway Kuro gets a special double feature for being my first (and only so far) ranked Kuro card..I love him so much...

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(New Year's Fighting Spirit) Kuro Kiryu Bloomed My favourite 4* of Kuro!! Makes me go (,, o w o,,) hehe
And my favourite (ex-)karate club ship ;w;; Look at Tetora !!! (Manly Back) Kuro Kiryu

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