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Again i have no idea where to put this bc it's not really proper translations, and there'll probably be full translations up soon. Just here for now! Heads-up: I learn British English btw, so summarise->summarize, colour->color, etc.

In the later part of the current event they revealed more about Wataru and his past....

Summarised Spoiler
(chap1 and 2 currently up on wikia) Nazuna and Shinonon continues discussing about the new S3 live, and how it compares to the rest of the other level of lives. Suddenly Mitsuru came running to them and telling them there's trouble in the soundproof practice room. They then proceed to the room and found Tomochin lying "dead" on the ground. Shinonon fainted ;__; After some discussion if Tomochin was really dead, Nazuna tried to read the words and he initially said Perverted Turtle(Hentai Kame), then Mitsuru corrected it to Masked Pervert(Hentai Kamen), and Nazuna went ah yes that's Wataru-chin from my class. Tomochin started to stir, then Shinonon carried Tomochin princess style to the infirmary. ◕ฺ∀◕✿ฺ Nazuna remarked that they were such reliable boys /w\ Turns out that Tomochin overworked himself. Shinonon was crying over Tomochin, and later said he'll marry him to take responsibility!??!???!!!! Anzu hugged Nazuna after he made a short speech to encourage the rest for the week-long live ahead.

Now the members of Knights and Ra*bits(except Tomochin) have gathered on the stage. Ritsu chats with Shinonon, asking about him and then comments on how Shinonon is such a crybaby that he would have low water content in his blood.(smth like that....) Ritsu manages to smell bread crumbs. Shinonon says that the store nearby is selling a big amount of them at 20yen, so that's what he's been mostly eating recently. He lets his younger siblings eat the white fluffy part of the bread ;__; Shinonon says Eichi who since is rich, can eat better food, so his blood would surely be delicious. Ristu comments that Eichi("Ee-chan") reeks of medicine...... Arashi and Mitsuru talks and Arashi is happy that Ra*bits and Knights are being friendly with this live. And then Ritsu proceeds to poke fun at a frustrated Suou.

Scene goes back to tomochin who wakes up in the infirmary, this isnt the first time he blacked out?.... He then realises that Ra*bits had an activity today, but outside was already dark so everything would probably be over now. He says that even if he vanished from both Ra*bits and Drama Club, it wouldnt be troubling(for them). He laments that he truly is "Ordinary", with nothing special at all............. He then realises he feels something warm and it was hugging him. He thought that it was one of Wataru's weird schemes again, and wanted to make a stand against it but turns out it was actually Anzu! She was in a deep sleep so she wasn't waking up when he called. Being hugged, Tomochin said there isn't any other happier thing in his life =w= But he still suspected that maybe Wataru hid a camera in the room as a scheme... But he started reflecting on himself and said how he also felt some regret in tanabata as like now, and that he himself hasnt grown much since then. Then he thought that he should be contacting Nazuna. Pardoning himself from the sleeping Anzu, he assures her that he'll do his best. One day, he'll be the one to surprise Anzu. He will become a respectable man, and no longer a pillow, but of an equal existence.

(16? chapters later)

somewhere near the end of the story, after all the cute parts) It's revealed that Wataru is actually an orphan, and he said he was fortunate enough to have two people who were willing to take him in, and was thankful to be loved. To amuse people he learnt many interesting tricks, because seeing them happy made him really happy. But as things went on people became tired of them and started losing interest, so he started to push himself even more to learn more interesting tricks. But yea eventually everyone felt that whatever he was doing wasn't interesting anymore. And he cried about all this to Tomochan.

When another game's event ends on Sunday I'll read it the story and I can try posting up a slightly more detailed summary after that? (the above is what a friend was crying to me about... and just hearing it my heart is already in shreds...)

Short summary for Agent (Uncompleted atm)
The 1st chapter is all about Eichi and Anzu. I do hope an experienced translates this story properly because it really hits very hard, Eichi is not some evil dictator that I see him being hated for quite a lot of times..... I've simplified what he said it a lot at times, but yea anyway do note that he uses lots of difficult kanji here and there.

Eichi called Anzu in, inviting her to drink tea, telling her not to be scared, he feels hurt D: He started to cough pretty badly. Last year around this time he fell sick and was hospitalized, and since everyone was busy with studco work then, he felt a little lonely when he had no one to talk to. He's asking her for help as an individual, not as the President this time. Called Anzu "Producer"-chan. Then back to Anzu-chan. And he gave her a "Secret Directive", and asked her to keep it a secret from the rest of the studco, especially Keito. He says although he's the President, as well as being hospitalised from long periods of time. Keito actually holds the most power? and he's the confidant of the rest of the members. Keito became the one who managed the studco with his own ability and effort. For the Eichi who always wasn't there, he couldn't just take it from him life that. Eventually it became a shackle. the domination of the studco stretched to the entirety of the school. "壁に耳あり、障子に目ありだよ"(Walls have ears, sliding doors have eyes). So under the radar of these "eyes" and "ears", he wants anzu to accomplish that mission. He said that Anzu was once an accomplice of Trickstar, and managed to beat the studco. To be exact, he said she made a dent(?) in the rock-solid Studco. (12937234 difficult kanji and even the metaphor, let me take a break here from new kanji)

i got wrecked by Agent so hard please love studco.

DISCLAIMER my translations are not 100% accurate when it comes to translating conversations line for line, i've seen others translate words into other words in English so yea I'll only have enough confidence for summaries. I stress the need to portray accurate lines especially from certain characters such that it wouldn't mislead people due to the different connotations some words have in another language. I hope those want to know more will understand where i'm coming from.

- I know 95% of the official Enstars/Ansuta merchandise out there including those not readily available to foreigners online, so if you need help in that area (DON'T COME HERE IF YOU'RE NOT HERE IN CONSUMERISM HELL... LOOK AWAY!!), I can provide info! Ensky/movic/anikuji/you name it, i'll probably know it.


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