Special Event mini 1/3

UNDEAD Lesson Rei Sakuma Special Event 1
"うぐぅ、顔がフラフラするのう… 嬢ちゃんや。我輩、このまま練習し続けたら倒れてしまうぞい。 うう、 昼間は我輩には地獄のようじゃ……

Urg, my head feels dizzy… Oh little miss, at this point, if I continue on with the practice, I may just collapse. Uuh, to me, the daytime is akin to hell…"

Choice 1 保健室へ案内する
Take him to the infirmary
Possibility 1 Character response: "保健室まで肩を貸してくれるのか、頼りになる嬢ちゃんじゃ。 しかし、我輩もいつもこうではない。夜闇をまといし時間になれば恐れるものは何もないぞ? 我輩にとって、この時間は陽光のせいで元気がでんのじゃ……

You sure are a reliable miss, to lend me your shoulder all the way to the infirmary. And yet, I am not always this way. When the time comes to clad myself in the dark of night, there is nothing to fear. It is the fault of the sunlight that I feel weak at this time."

Result: Fever up
Possibility 2 Character response: ""
Result: Luck down
Choice 2 棺桶に案内する
Take him to his coffin
Possibility 1 Character response: "おぉ、そうじゃ。我輩の棺桶なら、中は陽光はとどかんからのう♪ 昼間の安心安全な場所といえば、あそこじゃな。 連れて行ってくれるのか?優しい嬢ちゃんだのう♪

Ooh, that's right. The sunlight won't be able to reach inside my coffin. ♪ If I want to be safe and sound from the daytime, it is the only place to be, huh? You will take me there? What a kind miss you are ♪"

Result: Yellow Fragments
Possibility 2 Character response: ""
Result: Luck Down

Special Event mini 2/3

UNDEAD Lesson Rei Sakuma Special Event 2
"これ、嬢ちゃん。いいところに出くわしたのう?保健室で飲み物を手に入れたのじゃ。ここで会ったのも縁、おぬしにも分けてやろう♪ 好きなほうを選ぶがいいぞ?

Here, little miss. You came at the right moment, didn't you? I received drinks from the infirmary. It is by fate that we met here, so let me give these to you as a favor ♪ Go ahead and pick the one you like!"

Choice 1 赤いパッケージ
Red packaging
Possibility 1 Character response: "おぉ、おぬしもトマトジュースが好きか?これなら栄養たっぷりじゃし、同じ赤でも血のように錆の味がせんからのう♪ 我輩もオススメのー品じゃ♪

Ooh, do you like tomato juice too? It is full of nutrients and even if it is red like blood, it doesn't taste like rust ♪ You also have my recommendation ♪"

Result: Red fragments
Possibility 2 Character response: ""
Choice 2 青いパッケージ
Blue packaging
Possibility 1 Character response: "ほれ、水じゃ。喉の渇きには、これじゃのう たくさんあるから、いくらでも行くがよい ふぅ、ここまで運ぶのに一苦労じゃった。疲れして

There you go, it is water. It's perfect to quench your thirst. I have many more, so it is fine to take as many as you like. Phew, I was having a hard time carrying all these here. I'm tired."

Result: Blue fragments
Possibility 2 Character response: "こっちは栄養剤じゃ。力がでない時はこれをグイッと飲むんじゃ。 我輩、何度もこれに助けられておるからのう♪ 嬢ちゃんにも、練習で疲れたときに飲むとよいぞ

These are some nutrients. When you have no strength, just gulp this right down. I have been saved by this many times over ♪ It would be good for you to drink this when you're tired from practice, too."

Result: Blue fragments

Special Event mini 3/3

UNDEAD Lesson Rei Sakuma Special Event 3
"おぬしは元気そうじゃのう。活発なのは、いいことじゃ。 生命力あふれる娘は嫌いじゃないからのう……♪ しかし、我輩は歳じゃから無理はできん。ちょっと体憩でもせんかのう?

You sure look well. It is good to be full of life. I don't dislike a lady full of vitality after all… ♪ However, due to my old age, I cannot push myself to the limit. Can I let my body rest for a moment?"

Choice 1 手を差し出す
Hold out your hand
Possibility 1 Character response: "…おっと、手を引いてくれると言うんじゃな? ふむ、こういうのもわるくないのう♪ おぬしの好きなところで構わぬぞ。一緒に休憩じゃ、嬢ちゃん

…Oh my, are you saying you'll pull me up? Hm, this isn't too bad ♪ I don't mind going along with you. Let's take a break together then, little miss."

Result: Trust level up
Possibility 2 Character response: ""
Result: Red Fragment
Choice 2 肩を貸す
Lend him your shoulder
Possibility 1 Character response: "ふう、助かったぞい……。礼を言うぞ。 おぬしには我輩が疲弊しておったのに気づいてくれたのじゃな?昼間はフラフラするのじゃ。やはり、夜まで棺桶の中で寝ているほうがよかったのう

Phew, that really saved me… Let me give you my thanks. You must have noticed that I was exhausted, haven't you? I feel unstable during the daytime. As I thought, sleeping inside my coffin until the nighttime comes was the better idea."

Result: Yellow Fragment
Possibility 2 Character response: ""
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