Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirements: Unlock in (Gentle Sound) Tsumugi Aoba's Idol Road
Tsumugi Aoba Library Committee Member's Privilege Part 1
Season: Spring (春) Location: Outside Staff Room

English literature, English literature...

Fuu. So for now, I got all the books that were in the underground archive.

(Although, I may have missed some books in the areas I’m familiar with.)

(Checking the books is the Library Committee’s job, so I’ll find some time to find the Underground Archive and check it, but...)

(I’m worried that some may have slipped through...)

(Umm, I shouldn’t be so timid. I’m the Chairman of the Library Committee, so if I say a complaint, I can’t show it to the other Library Committee members.)

(So for now, I’ll put the book that was missing back in its original place.)

(Even this amount of books is a lot, so I have to be careful or I’ll knock it over)


Wha, whwhwhwhaaat is that!? Someone tapped my shoulder? Was it a ghost, an evil spirit…!?

Erm, Anzu-chan? S-sorry, I lost my composure.

Aah, you surprised me, and I threw the book. Did you get hurt?

Anzu-chan, did you have something you needed to do in the staff room?

Uhh, I didn’t mean to pry? I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings!

I’m kind of emotionally unstable today... I keep going back and forth between the library and the underground archive, I guess I’m depressed.

Well, there’s a reference room, then below that, there’s an underground library. The book that went missing belongs over here…

I’m the chairman of the Library Committee, so I check books, return them to their original places, and then do it again.

It’s simple work, but someone has to do this job.

A helper...? Um, you’ll help me out, Anzu-chan?

Of course, it will help me out, but... Anzu-chan, you’re the [Producer], so, you’re busy with work, right?

Besides, as a senior, it would be pathetic for me to rely on a young kid.

That’s it, I met something of my fate here, so, if you’d like to, I’d be very happy if you came to see our performance!... ♪

Actually, after this, [Switch] members have scheduled lessons together.

Well, Natsume-kun said, “I’ll show my face if I feel like it”, so it’s possible that the whole group won’t be there, so it’ll just be Sora-kun and me.

In that case, I could use a bit more help... would you? Anzu-chan , after you’ve finished running your errands, if you have some time, come back to the classroom. Well then, I’ll take advantage of your offer. I’ll carry the heavy book there, and if you’d take the small book, please. ♪

Library Committee Member's Privilege Part 1 Scene Change
Location: Library

Hrrmm... mpf. Anzu-chan, can you put the book on that shelf, please?

After I put this back, everything will be good! We got a lot done today. ♪

Anzu-chan, thanks for giving me some assistance today, it was a huge help.

Even if I say something to thank you... I left my bag in the classroom, didn’t I?

What else could I give as a thanks to Anzu-chan ... Hmm, hmm?

Ah, I’ve got it! Anzu-chan, do you want to borrow any books?

Ahaha, there are a lot, aren’t there? But, you can’t borrow a lot at once, so have you tried borrowing little by little? That way’s convenient. ♪

Anzu-chan, are you interested in any of the books around here?

Originally, this book was in the library, but someone carried it to the Underground Archive

If there’s material about Idol’s Lives, since you’re a “Producer”...would that be helpful?

All right, thank you!

(Gentle Sound) Tsumugi Aoba CG

Yes. The rental period is through the week after next. If you want an extension, just let me know, okay? Please drop it off here with me ♪

If you do that, I can use the Library Committee Member’s privilege to extend the loan period longer than usual.

Please keep it a secret from the other kids, okay? There’ll be a commotion if I show you favoritism, Anzu-chan.

Fufu, it looks like I helped you out, as well, it feels good. After this, I’m going to try my best at practice... ♪

Translation: NovaCharmQuark
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