List of Outfits Made by Tsumugi
Outfit Images
Switch Unit Outfit (Contrarian Magician) Natsume Sakasaki Bloomed (Contract and Friend) Tsumugi Aoba Bloomed (The Color of Potential) Sora Harukawa Bloomed
Easter Night Outfits (Gimmick of a Rabbit) Natsume Sakasaki Bloomed (White Easter) Tsumugi Aoba Bloomed (Easter Night) Sora Harukawa Bloomed

Sunshower Festa Outfits

(Trick Sunshower) Natsume Sakasaki Bloomed (Early Summer Festa) Tsumugi Aoba Bloomed (Bright Sunshower) Sora Harukawa Bloomed

Opening★The Fortune Banquet Live Switch Outfits

(Performance of Fortune) Sora Harukawa Bloomed (Story and Stage) Tsumugi Aoba Bloomed (Stage Production) Natsume Sakasaki Bloomed

Spring Breeze*Iconic Book Fair Outfits

(Old Books and Models) Izumi Sena Bloomed (Books and the First Challenge) Tsukasa Suou Bloomed (Books and Work) Arashi Narukami Bloomed (Books and a Tree's Shade) Ritsu Sakuma Bloomed (Books and a Circle of People) Tsumugi Aoba Bloomed

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