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  • Tsumugi has an older brother, but he rarely sees him to the point where he sometimes forgets he exists. He explained his brother had wanted to escape the house since he was a child, and once he went to university, he almost never returned home.[1]
  • Tsumugi describes his mother as hopeless and unable to do jobs or business properly, but nonetheless treasures her dearly. Like him, she seems to be unstable and heavily reliant on religious beliefs or superstitions, but is good at maintaining connections and is naturally loved by others.[2]
  • Tsumugi's family struggled financially during his childhood.[3]

Early Years

  • Back in his childhood, he was regarded as a big brother figure by the kids at his parents’ school, and everyone called him “Tsumugi-nii-san”. Among those kids were Natsume, who was offered to follow classes for free by Tsumugi’s parents as a way to thanks Natsume’s family for helping them.
  • The reason why he refuses to cut his hair is related to a promise he made with Natsume during this period.

War Era

  • As a second year, he used to be class-president.[4]
  • During his second year he was much more emotionally-detached.[5]
  • He was a member of the former fine, as well as the designated leader. According to Eichi, he supported him the way a secretary would, but Hokuto remarks that he used to act as fine's representative.[6]
  • Tsumugi was the one who burnt the school's official records at the end of his second year as to protect fine's reputation.[7]

Last Year (Enstars! Era)

  • In Flower Festival, he was the person Keito had been talking to on the phone in Brood Parasite - 1.
  • As a second year, Tsumugi's hair was much shorter, and he only grew it out after the events of the war. When asked about it, he said that he'll cut it once he has fulfilled his vow, whose nature is revealed in Wonder Game.
  • While the making of Switch's unit outfits was originally left to Shu, he appointed Tsumugi to do it instead since he knows his unit better. Tsumugi’s been in charge of most of their outfits after that.
  • Tsumugi was appointed to support Trickstar during SS, and is often seen being asked to help by the student council.

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Information about what the character did during the Enstars! year.

Current Year (Enstars!! Era)

See: Appears In
Information about what the character did during the Enstars!! year.

Next Year

  • Tsumugi is going to work at a new company owned by the child of one of his mother's acquaintances. It is unclear what exactly his position of management will be, but Ibara insists on it being an advantageous one. Additionally, he will go on being an idol together with Switch, who are said to be eventually joining this company as well.[8]


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