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His good nature tends to result in him being burdened with various things. Tsumugi is quite the natural airhead and can be a little dense. Though he has a kind and calm personality, sometimes he is unable to read the room and acts or says things inappropriately. His singing voice is soft and warm, and his performances are light and gentle.

Affiliated with NEW DIMENSION’s Switch.[1].

I'm Aoba Tsumugi from the agency NEW DIMENSION. I'm a member of the unit Switch. I work as an idol in the hopes that I can bring smiles to people's faces and inspire them to chase their dreams. I'm really nothing special, but I'm doing my very best, so it'd mean the world to me if you gave me your support ♪[2]

As Switch's leader, I shall introduce the members of my uNIT. Tsumugi Aoba-senpai is clumsy and stuPID, his hair is all messy and… he’s a really confusing perSON. Even if something sad hapPENS, he will act like it's nothing and LAUGH. I will admit that he has skill as an idol, and he is hardworKING. But, that aSIDE… since a lot has hapPENNED, things might change for the better from now ON. After ALL, Senpai’s in SWITCH, the unit that uses magic to make people haPPY.[2]

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Ensemble Stars! Profile

A member of the unit Switch and the library chairman of Yumenosaki. He is interested in fortune telling and divination, and keeps a lucky item of the day as part of his daily routine.

He often receives harsh treatment from Natsume, has a hard time understanding his juniors and often complains about younger people scaring him. Although he can be nervous at times, he is usually gentle in his demeanor.

Tsumugi is good at making friends and has many connections around the school. During their second year, Eichi refers to him as a leading insider due to his wide social circle. He has a hardworking nature, but is equally slow at getting things done.


Tsumugi is a tall young man with an average build and a paler complexion. He has dark blue, wavy, tousled hair with long bangs that cover his forehead and the tips of his hair curved. It is of shoulder length with turquoise streaks on the left side. He has gold eyes. He also wears large, black rimmed glasses, and dark blue stud earrings.

[enstars!! stage appearance]

Ensemble Stars! Appearance

Tsumugi is a tall young man with an average build and a paler complexion. He has dark blue, wavy, tousled hair with long bangs that cover his forehead and the tips of his hair curved. It is of shoulder length with turquoise streaks on the left side. He has gold eyes. He also wears large, black rimmed glasses.

He wears the school uniform with his white shirt unbuttoned at the collar a bit, the blazer buttoned up neatly and a dark grey sweater underneath it; together with a green tie that's slightly loosely tied and tucked under the sweater.


While he doesn't read the situation well within his own interactions, frequently showing a lack of empathy and tact, Tsumugi shows remarkable social awareness in several stories, commonly seen giving advice to others who often come to him for it. Other times, he's praised for his level-headedness, even in the face of unexpected consequences. He is also well-acquainted with the subject of mental health, including the symptoms of others[3], though he prioritizes his own view of others' symptoms over theirs in some cases[4].

Honest to a fault, Tsumugi speaks his mind, even if it may harm someone else (whether he is aware or not). It's rare for him to take things seriously, generally accepting things as they are. Eichi notes that he speaks lightheartedly about even the most serious subjects. While he's quick to panic or be surprised in casual conversation when he doesn't understand something, he's able to stay calm and optimistic with heavier topics or more urgent situations, as a testament to hardships in his upbringing.

His comments directed at himself often show a very low level of self-esteem, especially during his second year[5], and he holds a heavy sense of guilt for the actions he took at the time. When others try to correct him on this, he tends to brush their opinions off. Conversely, he usually agrees when others insult him, whether they're being serious or not. However, over the course of his third year, he shows more incentive to better himself and the situations of others, feeling it is both his duty to repent and to spread happiness as one of Switch’s magicians.


His first name, Tsumugi (つむぎ) is written in hiragana, but it may be from the kanji "Tsumugu" (紡ぐ) which means "to spin a tale". He seems to reference this with lines such as, "Let's spin our tale with everything we can muster".[6] His last name Aoba (青葉) means "fresh leaves" which is symbolism of prosperity. It may refer to his interest in fortune-telling and his overly-optimistic personality.


  • Tsumugi is the eldest and tallest member of Switch.
  • During the "Ensemble Stars!" era, Tsumugi was one of the additional definitive main characters introduced into the game and storyline.
    • Tsumugi made his "Ensemble Stars!" game debut in the company of Natsume Sakasaki and Sora Harukawa, presenting to audiences as Switch for the first time on August 18, 2016.
    • His late entry to the series makes him one of several characters to be revealed after the game's release, also notably including the idols belonging to Valkyrie, MaM, and Eden.
  • He was the one who created Switch’s unit outfits, although Shu gave him advice on them.[7]
  • His glasses are made for an outdated prescription, but he deals with it because he hates the nausea that comes with switching prescriptions, dislikes change, and has difficulty making decisions on his own.[8]
  • Tsumugi seems generally uneasy and nervous around Anzu, claiming that he doesn’t know anything about girls because he's only ever attended all-boys schools. [8]
  • Because he’s friendly and eager to help others, he’s often ordered around by Natsume, and Eichi even points out that this disposition of his is easy to take advantage of. [9]
  • It's implied that Tsumugi often works at school until late at night, even pulling all-nighters at times.[10][11]
  • He frequently teases other characters,[12][9] although it's not necessarily gentle teasing.[13]
  • Despite his gentle demeanor, he's been shown to have a ruthless side to his personality and happens to make harsh comments, especially towards Natsume and Shu in stories such as Fortune Banquet or Magical Halloween.
  • Like some others, his understanding of friendship is very loose. His own friendship with Natsume and Kuro's friendship with Shu are both described as 'getting along well' despite their mutual disagreements, frequent arguing, and/or bodily harm.[14]
  • He's very gentle with children.[15]
  • Tsumugi is very skilled with technology[16] and ran the school's SNS chat last year before that responsibility was handed to the student council.[17]
  • On multiple occasions, he has had blankets on hand, whether or not there is a place to store them.[15],[12]
  • His favourite genre of fiction seems to be fantasy novels.[9]
  • He’s knowledgeable in flower language.[18]
  • Eichi was the one who gave him the nickname of "Bluebird of Happiness", which is used on his profile in-game.[19] Bluebird Humming is also the name of his solo song, and he often references this nickname in stories.[20]
  • On several occasions, when he talks about his actions in second year, he speaks with little detail and from a distance, sometimes only naming other individuals who were present. This prompts other characters to comment that he talks about it as though he wasn't involved.[21]
  • He has stated he has anxiety and exhibits occasional emotional instability[22] and suicidal ideation[23], which ties into how he may have implied that he has depression.[24] During his second year, he expressed these verbally even more[25], which even made Natsume worry that he would commit suicide if left alone.[26] Their frequency often leads other characters to either ignore these comments, or to refrain from mentioning their concerns.[27]
  • When questioned, Tsumugi mentions on several occasions[28] that he's growing out his hair for a Buddhist prayer (known as gankake) until the wish he made comes true. In Wonder Game, it's revealed that the true reason he is growing it out is because of a promise he made with Natsume when they were children: Natsume's hair was likened to the red string of fate binding them together, and Tsumugi promised to let his own hair grow out so that if Natsume's red string ever broke, he can tie them back together with his hair.

Voice Actor Comment

"I don’t have many roles in idol projects, so when my role was decided in Ensemble Stars!, I received a lot of surprised reaction from fans. Even when it was decided that I’ll be singing unit songs, there was a big response. I’m not good at singing, but since I was chosen to voice Aoba, I was determined that I’ve got to give my all in singing! I’d feel sorry if Tsumugi Aoba’s charm will be halved because I can’t sing well, so… In order to bring out his charm, I figured I’d have to practice with my all and do my best from now on too." (Enstars!)

"" * (Enstars!!)

Tsumugi Aoba
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