Birthday Course
Cost: 20 AP Producer Points Gained: 200 EXP Gained: 200
Tsukasa Suou Birthday Course
Tsukasa Suou Special Event Rival 1 Rival 2
Tsukasa Suou (Card) mini
(Pastries) Mitsuru Tenma mini
(Unforeseen Happiness) Tomoya Mashiro mini
Total Stats: 19,280 36,367
Missions: Trophy mini Raise Tsukasa's Trust to 100%
Trophy mini Collect 50 Fragments of Each Color within 10 Lessons
Trophy mini Collect 120 Fragments of Each Color
Events: Normal Event mini ★★ Event - Tsukasa Suou's Birthday
Tsukasa Suou Birthday Course locations
Collect (2019): Birthday Point Birthday Points to decorate a Flower Box.

1 Box will give you the 'Birthday (Celebrated) - 3 Voice Clip' and 'Birthday Story'.

Collect (2018): Chocolate mini Chocolate, Fresh Cream mini Cream, and Strawberry mini Strawberries to make cakes of your choice.

1 Cake will give you the 'Birthday (Celebrated) - 2 Voice Clip'.
8 Cakes will give you the ' Protagonist (Crown) Outfit'.

Collect (2017): Birthday Present ×20 to get a 'Voice Clip' and Birthday Present ×150 to get the 'Birthday Outfit'.

Completing 1 Mission: Diamond ×1 Diamond
Completing All 3 Normal Events: Diamond ×1 Diamond
Completing All 3 Missions: Diamond ×1 Diamond
Making 1 Cake: Diamond ×1 Diamond

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