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Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Intimacy Level 2
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Season: Spring (春) Location: Garden Space

Hello, Anzu-san.

If you’re not in a hurry, could I have a bit of your time?

I, Tsukasa Suou, would like to borrow just a small part of your honorable time.

Is that alright? I’m grateful.

You are just as the rumors say, Anzu-san. You speak without prejudice even to a novice such as myself.

Now then, may I have your hand? Come, over here.

Anzu-san, would you like some tea?

I have also prepared some sweets. Please enjoy them at your leisure.

When spending time with someone else, it must not result in the other people thinking they have wasted their time.

That is my family precept.

Though I am a novice who has yet to arrive at that truth.

Oh, I have spoken too much. That itself is a waste of time.

Please, make use of that chair there. It is rude of me to make conversation while standing.

Now, let me speak frankly, as is my family’s teaching. Anzu-san, do you know of this?

Yes, this is a type of game making a movement among young people recently.

It appears to be a game that uses cards to play.

According to what I’ve heard, there are a myriad of different forms these games may take, and the most famous ones may have tournaments that draw people worldwide.

The culture of young people is something to be feared. It is not simply foolish “child’s play”.

It is a form of play that childish adults pour time and resources into to create a polished product. There are many thing I could refer to.

Please look at this card. Isn’t it wonderfully made?

Its printing is superb, the artwork is outstanding, and the text is easy to read, even for children…

It is nothing short of marvelous!

Ah, I apologize. It must be difficult to catch my English words.

I pay close attention to pronunciation, but I am always asked to repeat it.

I am still a novice.

This is why I called you over myself. I wanted some instruction.

Of course, I do not know whether or not you know anything about this game.

It appears to be a game for boys. It is possible my request could have been misdirected.

But if you would pity me… I ask for your guidance and encouragement.

I want to feel the joys… the happiness that other boys my age experience.

If I am too other-worldly, I fear that I may go further away from the idol that the general public is looking for.

I see, so you have a little brother, Anzu-san. And when he was young, he played this game often?

I am relieved. It appears I was right to ask for your assistance.

It is only in this place, but I would like you to think of me as your brother and play as much as you like.

Now, my dear sister, let us start this game.♪

Translation: royalquintet
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