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The son of a noble family, Tsukasa acts with a chivalrous spirit as his core, so he's more composed than others his age. While he's responsible and serious, he can also be childish and short-tempered. His singing voice is honest and direct, and his performances are powerful yet elegant.

Tsukasa is the leader of NEW DIMENSION's Knights.[1]

I am Tsukasa Suou of New Dimension. I am a member of the majestic idol unit Knights, who hold chivalry in the highest esteem—in fact, if I may be so presumptuous, I serve as the unit leader. While I spearhead Knights as its king, I have also shouldered the name of the Suou family as its heir. Naturally, the responsibility I bear is great, but I do swear that I will balance both roles successfully. I hope for your continued support. ♪[1]

We Knights are proud knights, and Tsukasa-chan is the king who unifies us. ♪ Though he’s exceedingly well-mannered and sophisticated, he’s also a cute, wonderful boy. Well, he’s still got a lot to learn though. Because of him, we were able to work hard to become gallant knights. I can’t wait to see what kind of future Tsukasa-chan will guide us to as Knights’ leader. ♪[1]

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Ensemble Stars! Introduction

Serious and composed, Tsukasa speaks in a manner rather mature for his age. He is a rich young master who may sound polite on the surface, but what he says is actually rude when you stop and think about it (though he doesn't realize it). He honors his family rules and does his best to improve himself, but he also slightly deviates from what's considered normal.

While his gentlemanly manner attracts the ladies, he seems to be unaware of this and doesn't know much about the female mind. A member of the unit Knights. He has interest in the culture of commoners. His English pronunciation is excellent, which unfortunately only makes it hard to understand for other characters, who don't know English.


Tsukasa has brownish red, mid-length straight hair, v-shaped bangs covering his forehead, and side bangs. He has a fair complexion and lavender eyes. He is average in height and in build. He is dressed in his standard school uniform: a neatly buttoned white shirt and a blue tie underneath the buttoned school blazer. He wears the uniform plaid pants with brown dress shoes.

On stage as a member of the unit Knights, Tsukasa wears a dark blue coat with white sleeves and a ruffled tailcoat over a white shirt. There’s a vertical blue line on his sleeves. The sleeves have a blue cuff which are accented with gold. His white shirt has a black vertical line in the middle, which is accented with gold. His shirt collar is blue and also has gold accents. Which is on the shirt’s collar there are swirly gold patterns. Where the buttons would usually be, are golden frog closures. On his jacket, there are black epaulettes. The tassels on his epaulettes are golden. From his left epaulette are two golden strings, which lead to a blue banner with the fleur de lis symbol on it which is pinned on the right side of his chest. On the back, he wears a cape which is blue on the top end and white on the underside. There is a golden accent on the blue half of the cape. His pants are dark gray, with light gray vertical lines on them. He wears a thick belt with four golden buttons on them, gold lines adorning the sides. Hanging off the belt are two golden beaded chains. His boots are white, with a black tip. There is a thick black line that goes down the boot, connecting with the black part. Near the top and the bottom, are two black belts that wrap around the shoe which are accented with gold. Tsukasa wears black gloves.

Ensemble Stars! Appearance

Tsukasa has brownish red, mid-length straight hair, v-shaped bangs covering his forehead, and side bangs. He has a fair complexion and lavender eyes. He is average in height and in build. He is dressed in his standard school uniform: a neatly buttoned white shirt and a red tie underneath the buttoned school blazer. He wears the uniform plaid pants with brown dress shoes.

On stage as one of the Knights, Tsukasa wears a navy blue, white, and gold jacket resembling a royal military uniform over a black shirt which is left unbuttoned at the collar. He wears black gloves with a golden stripe on the wrist and a golden pattern on the front. There are four thin golden ropes attached to the collar, two connecting to the right shoulder pad and the back of the jacket while the other two are left hanging with knots in the front of the jacket. There are also two golden ropes which hang from the bottom left of the front to the back of the jacket. There is a navy blue and white stripe patterned sash connecting from his left shoulder pad to the bottom right of his jacket. He wears black boots with a pointy golden rim and a pair of navy blue striped pants.


He can be relatively simple-minded, and sometimes quarrels with Tori about trivial topics, but he still has a positive personality. He holds a lot of respect for his unit seniors, such as Leo for his leadership; despite this, he can easily be frustrated with them due to his determination to achieve perfection in everything he performs. However, this also shows that he has a benevolent personality to tolerate imperfect people. In addition, he is very interested in civilian life, which means that he also has a good spirit of exploration, and he will not despise others for the sake of wealth.

Tsukasa is a very self-righteous person, and he takes on positions of leadership well; he has shown on several occasions he is able to effectively lead a group and give orders. Being raised in an honorable household, he is also very polite and has good manners towards everyone he meets. Tsukasa speaks somewhat formally; he is also bilingual, and being well-versed in both Japanese and English, he will speak certain words in English. He sometimes corrects himself to pronounce them in a more “Japanese way,” so that people who are not often around him can understand what he’s saying.

Despite being the youngest member of Knights, he despises being treated like a child by his seniors; he often gets teased by his unit mates, and he repeatedly asks them to stop. He loves sweet foods, and although this originally stemmed from stress eating, he still can’t seem to resist sweets. In trying to keep up a dignified image, he insists he only eats any of it because it’s good for focus.

Although he is a natural leader, Tsukasa bears a lot of self-doubt. He puts up a facade of confidence, but in reality he is constantly afraid he is making mistakes. Leo - the former leader of Knights - will often impart advice on Tsukasa in this aspect.


Tsukasa's first name (司) means "to rule, to govern," which befits his elite family status. His last name (朱桜) has an alternate reading as "suzakura," one species of cherry blossoms. The ou character (桜) in Tsukasa's surname, Suou, is the same ou character in Kohaku Oukawa's surname.


  • Tsukasa stress eats, preferably with sweets.
  • He usually goes abroad for New Year's.
  • He is the oldest second year student during Ensemble Stars!!.

Voice Actor Comment

"When I received the role of Tsukasa Suou, I was very excited to find that he has a lot of similarities with me, such as his favorite color and his dislikes, etc. However, the script also says that he 'has very good posture'... I'm terribly stooped-shouldered, and thinking that this won't do, I started putting an effort into keeping a straight posture. I honestly respect Tsukasa-kun for always maintaining this posture.

Also, I think the biggest appeal about this character is certainly his gentlemanly quality. Essentially, he's a very gentle boy, but not only that, he's also very manly, and I also find it very charming that every now and then, he'd smoothly mix in English like a true elite.

Moreover, his natural gentlemanly manner tends to attract girls, but he's also quite oblivious, so he wouldn't always notice that. Then again, that little imperfection makes him even more charming. I hope you will enjoy the game while taking note of Tsukasa-kun." (Enstars!)

"" * (Enstars!!)

Tsukasa Suou
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