Present Trickstar Eden Album Countdown Day 1 - 1

Hello, everyone. This is Hokuto Hidaka from Trickstar.

Our album releases on April 24th.

It has all of the songs we've recorded up until now, as well as our solo songs.

Will our thoughts be able to reach you? Or at least something that feels like them..?

We're anxiously awaiting everyone's impressions... From the bottom of my heart, I'd like to know what you thought of our songs, you know?

Today until the release, we'll be doing a countdown; each day another person will talk about their solo.

I hope you'll look forward to it...♪

So without further ado, I'll introduce my solo.

In my solo song, I'll be singing about myself in the future, advancing with courage in hand.

As Trickstar, as me myself, I've only just begun to run.

I want to grab those future possibilities together with my comrades.

While listening to this song, I want everyone to call to mind something that supports them.

And I'd like for you to treasure it.

With that, the countdown has started today. Let's enjoy it together...♪

Translation: Bella

Present Trickstar Eden Album Countdown Day 2 - 1

Everyone, hello~!

This is Makoto Yuuki from Trickstar! Our album releases in just one week!

That's right, next week it'll be delivered to everyone~! ...I say that, but I'm actually a little nervous.

All of our memories are in these songs, but I feel like my feelings are strengthened when I listen to them again.

The album was just one goal of ours, but it still feels like we've gone up a level.

My solo song is the same way. Little by little, putting thought into linking together each step to continue to tomorrow.

While days aren't always going to be good, you shouldn't be discouraged from believing in yourself.

And if you can keep going, you'll surely reach a tomorrow you won't regret. At least, that's what I think.

After this too, it'd be nice if everyone could keep cheering each other to keep moving forward together...♪

With that, Makoto Yuuki was in charge of the countdown today!

Look forward to tomorrow, too...♪

Translation: Bella

Present Trickstar Eden Album Countdown Day 3 - 1

Everyone, heya!

It's Trickstar's Mao Isara!

Our album release is in just six days!

Ahaha, that's still a little ways off, but in the blink of an eye, that day'll be here.

Since no matter what anyone says, I'm Trickstar's magician, Sari~♪

That very day coming just like that will be a piece of cake if I just cast a little magic~...

But I can't do such wonderful things like Switch.

My motto is "if you have a problem, then you should figure something out".

And so, that's why my solo's motto is "in order to mature you've gotta tackle things head-on while you sing".

There are times where you absolutely have to act and make a choice, and so I'm trying to convey that even a situation like that can be fun.

Even if everyone has hard days or busy days, let's do our best to make them fun!

So with that, Mao Isara's taken care of today's countdown!

Next up is Subaru! His introduction is the most sparkly by far, so look forward to it!

See you tomorrow!

Translation: Bella

Present Trickstar Eden Album Countdown Day 4 - 1

Yahoo☆ Hi everyone~

It's Subaru Akehoshi from Trickstar! Our album releases in five days!

I'm itching for everyone to hurry up and listen to it, 'cause it's definitely gonna make your hearts all sparkly ☆

And so today, I'm gonna talk about my solo song!

The only words for it are "first magnitude star"![1]

I want to shine the most in the brightest place I can. This song's about how I won't give up until I get there.

While things won't always go as planned, I'll keep the days that sparkle brightly in my heart to support me.

Tomorrow will shine even brighter; this song exists because I chose to believe there's someone who believes in me.

Us in Trickstar won't stop! So come with us, and together we'll see a sparkling world!

Tomorrow's definitely going to be even more wonderful, because we think it will be!

...So with that, Trickstar's countdown was just until today.

Starting tomorrow, Eden'll be in charge of our shared album release countdown!

I wonder what Eden's songs will be like?

Look forward to tomorrow too~♪

  1. "First magnitude stars" are ones that shine the absolute brightest in the sky - an example Sirius at -1.46 magnitude. A fun fact is that the Pleiades star cluster, which Subaru is named for, has an apparent magnitude of 1.6.
Translation: Bella

Present Trickstar Eden Album Countdown Day 5 - 1

Fuhahahaha! We've kept you waiting, all those looking forward to today!

I am Eden's leader, Nagisa Ran! In four days, our album will release!

The countdown that had been Trickstar's is gone; from today on, Eden will be delivering it to all of you!

Now then, today I'll tell you a little about my solo song. Listen well!

This song is about humanity's sinfulness, and the strength to keep on living.

We of Eden bestow a blessing on all of you, letting our voices fall like stars upon you!

So, what is life's pleasure! Eden, isn't it!

The day you prostrate yourself, offering prayers to the brightly shining heavens, is close. Await it patiently!

Now, from today Eden's countdown will begin! Fuhahahaha!

Translation: Bella

Present Trickstar Eden Album Countdown Day 6 - 1

Hi, everyone. Hi there!

It's Hiyori Tomoe from Eden! Our album releases in three days. It's getting closer and closer!

Have you fully prepared yourself? We're tired of waiting too, we've been really looking forward to it ♪

Alright, so today, let's talk about my solo song!

It's about having fun no matter what kind of day it is; the most important thing is singing with a smile so you can draw happiness to you!

"Those who smile and laugh and whatever else"[1] is what they say, right? If you laugh, you'll become sunnier, and brightness will surround you!

So if everyone laughs more and more, then every day will pass happily. That's a fine Hiyori...♪

We're sure that when you listen to our songs, you'll smile without even thinking about it, so look forward to it!

And with that, Hiyori Tomoe's taken care of today!

Look forward to coming to see us tomorrow, too...♪

  1. "Those who smile and laugh and whatever else" is a reference to the Japanese idiom "good fortune will come to the homes of those who smile, laugh, and grow fat"; Hiyori only says half of this, though.
Translation: Bella

Present Trickstar Eden Album Countdown Day 7 - 1

Everyone, hello!

Ibara Saegusa from Eden reporting in!

Our album releases in three days! Are you looking forward to it?

I am as well! After all, it is undeniably a masterpiece!

And with that, I'll introduce my solo song!

My song is akin to a snake within an apple tree, located in the world of paradise.

It is my role to entice you to such a sweet world, and like that, I would have you, in a step, cross the threshold of Eden!

Our overwhelming songs will dominate you completely! Ah, please enjoy the end of this eternal world to the fullest!

With that, Ibara Saegusa has taken care of the countdown for today.

Jun is the last one up, so if you would, please look forward to him...♪

Translation: Bella

Present Trickstar Eden Album Countdown Day 8 - 1

Hey there, everyone~ ♪ It's Jun Sazanami from Eden!

Our album's finally releasing tomorrow!

Think if you get it, you'll feel a little something wellin' up in your heart~

Anyway, c'mon and listen up, 'cause I'm gonna introduce you my solo song to as many interested people as possible...♪

My song's got thanks for the world we're in now.

Dreams can't be caught just by sitting around and envying others. Someday I gotta step up and get to it...

If I don't give up, something good'll happen. I wanna let everyone know that with this song.

And so, I'll keep singing like this. I wanna say thanks to everyone who's been cheering me on, too.

For always rooting for me, thank you so much...♪

And so, Eden's last member, Jun Sazanami, has finished!

Tomorrow is Eden and Trickstar's album release day! Let's celebrate it together...♪

Translation: Bella

Present Trickstar Eden Album Countdown Day 9 - 1
(Morning Star) Subaru Akehoshi Dialogue Render Bloomed

Yahoo yahoo! It's finally here, everyone! The album's release day~☆

Congrats to Eden too! Sharing something like our release day makes me happy!

Hiyori Tomoe SS Live Dialogue Render

Thanks, Trickstar, and congrats to you too ♪ It almost feels like we're linked by fate, doesn't it!

Celebrating a day like today with everyone is a fine Hiyori...♪

Jun Sazanami SS Live Dialogue Render

Doing all our greetings on the same day makes it feel like we kinda got enough people for a party, huh~?

(Cheerful Glasses Boy) Makoto Yuuki Full Render Bloomed

Ahaha. It's a rare opportunity to all be together like this, even though we've already had a few chances to meet, so it's a little moving.

Jun Sazanami SS Live Dialogue Render

The last time we were together like this was when we appeared in the SS, huh.

Ibara Saegusa SS Live Dialogue Render

Yes, yes! While reminiscing on the past is good and all, it's about time that we move onto something else!

(One Step Forward) Mao Isara Full Render Bloomed

Having our album release the same day as Eden and having everyone together sure ups the tension, huh... Sorry for the trouble.

Ibara Saegusa SS Live Dialogue Render

No, no! It's an auspicious day; let's continue on and finish while we're all charged up ♪

And so, if both unit leaders would please come forward!

Nagisa Ran SS Live Dialogue Render

Now, listen to our songs and enjoy them to your heart's content! Once again, carve Eden's splendor into you!

(Dependable Class President) Hokuto Hidaka Dialogue Render Bloomed

Thank you for always supporting us. We're happy to finally deliver our album to you.

Nagisa Ran SS Live Dialogue Render

But we won't be satisfied with just an album... After all, the stars never stop their twinkling.

(Dependable Class President) Hokuto Hidaka Dialogue Render Bloomed

Ahh, an album wasn't our goal either. It's just one checkpoint.

After this, you can expect us to take on all kinds of different challenges.

Nagisa Ran SS Live Dialogue Render

The last album release comments of Eden and...

(Dependable Class President) Hokuto Hidaka Dialogue Render Bloomed

Trickstar have been delivered!

Translation: Bella

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