Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirements: Intimacy Level 15
Tori Himemiya sub story part 3
Season: Spring (春) Location: Outside Lecture Hall

Hey, you over there! Ahh, seriously, I'm talking to you, you. Don't look around like that, come here!

Walking over here, even though I'm calling you...

You should be rushing over here in a huge hurry, you know. This is why I don't like commoners.

W-well, you did come over here like you should, so I'll praise you.

... Hey, looking at me, you have something to say, don't you?

The weather is good today? With the sun this strong, it seems like you'd get sunburned, huh.

You are a woman, too, after all. Shouldn't you put on some sunblock or something?

... Uh, that's not it! That's not it!

Why are you talking about the weather even though you're looking at me! Are you a dummy!?

It's not like I'll forgive you just because you apologized meekly... This time I'll overlook your mistake, but next time I won't, you know!

Seriously, if you can't see my charm, you must be blind or something. I don't know what to say, you know.

Sigh... Did you finally notice? That's right, this is my idol outfit.

'Cause I'm one of the members of "Fine", admired by the students throughout the school.

Since it's got an angel motif, it suits me perfectly doesn't it ♪

Heheh, you can praise me more, you know. 'Cause I am a high-class being, you know.

I am a being from above the clouds, a commoner could not possibly reach me. I have to make it known to them ♪

(... Why are you just standing there silently!? Really, are you saying there's nothing to praise...)

Y-you sure are insolent for a commoner!

There's no helping it, I'll show you an example.

First of all, the place where I am is the auditorium, you see. Me, and this magnificent place called the auditorium...

There's hardly any match better than this, is there~

... You don't get it, even if I explain it that much to you? Are you a dummy!?

Ugh, seriously, you're a producer, aren't you?

And even so, you can't even understand something this simple... what a career-ending issue!

Sigh... For me to get this irritated... it would take Yuzuru... my slave, telling me to do my homework, or something..

I only get like this when he complains at me to brush my teeth properly or something, you know!

... Hm? When I think about it that way, doesn't that mean that my slave is always irritating me?

Ughh~! For him to irritate me even though he has the social station of a slave, he needs to be severely chastised!

Watch out, you slave. 'Cause today, I'm going to teach you a lesson~!

Translator: Looks after rainbows
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