Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirements: Intimacy Level 10
Tori Himemiya sub story part 2
Season: Spring (春) Location: 1st Floor Passage

Aww, it's so cold! Why do we have to do physical education class in the middle of this cold? Are they dummies?

It's only times like this when my slave isn't nearby... In this kind of weather, I don't care who, so somebody bring me something to put on!

... Hm? That person over there, that's...

Hey, you! You, transfer student trying to run away quietly, you!

It's lucky you ran into me here, isn't it. You, bring me something I can put on. Right now.

What? You won't listen to my orders?

I am a person of the student council, you know. You wouldn't be so dumb as to go against the student council, would you~?

Ahh, but, weren't you resisting the student council, transfer student? Well, that has nothing to do with this, though.

Look, don't just stand there staring, hurry up and go get something. While you're standing here like this, my body temperature is getting stolen away.

If I freeze to death from this, I'll curse you forever! I'm not lying! I'll come back as a ghost~!

What, you're making a mysterious face, you know. If you're saying I'm cold, of course I'm cold.

You're being cheeky, so you just can't feel the cold, transfer student...

Ugh... anything is fine, so bring something I can put on!

If you don't... I really will freeze to death...

Really, you should have said so from the beginning. You useless transfer student.

Ugh... she's not here yet...? Maybe I'll... move to somewhere else...

That's it. If I did that, I'd be able to bear the cold a bit more, and all, too.

But, when I think about it, if the transfer student comes back during that time, I get the feeling that moving would be a bad idea, too..

That is, why do I have to care about a commoner!?

I am the great Tori Himemiya, you know? There is no need for me to take just one citizen into consideration...

Ahh, seriously, you're late! Well then, did you bring something?

H, hmph! If you were just a little later, I was going to leave you and go somewhere else. It's a good thing you made it in time, transfer student.

Phew~ ... This thing is making me warm...

Huh? You even brought me something to drink?

Y, you, even though you're a commoner, you are attentive, aren't you.

If it was Yuzuru, he'd start complaining annoyingly, like "Young master~" or something.

... I'd be great if you were my slave instead of Yuzuru, wouldn't it...

Hey, you! If you want to become my slave, tell me, okay?

I'll make an exception and take you into my employ, you know ♪

Translator: Looks after rainbows
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