• I was wondering how you managed to get a picture of the character chibi's with a transparent or white background. Could you please let me know as I would like to maybe add three new ones. Thanks!

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    • unfortunately there are no chibis on white background in-game anymore, so extracting the chibi is a bit harder. when doing it manually, i use the grain extract layer of GIMP to extract the chibi (explanation here). this method requires two images: a screenshot of the dance room in the motion view without any chibi in it (e.g. if you first enter the room and no chibi has loaded yet, you could take a screenshot then) and the screenshot of the same room with the chibi in it

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    • I've read the explanation but I still don't understand is it possible to show a picture or something similar. It might be easier to understand. Thanks!

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    • here, i made a tutorial
      Gimp grain extract tutorial
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    • What are you using, adobe photoshop or illustrate?

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    • Here's the picture of what I'm trying to do:
      Sora Casual (Spring-Summer) Chibi

      Could you help? Thanks!

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    • i'm using GIMP
      i haven't used photoshop or illustrate, so i don't know if there's an equivalent method there
      GIMP is free, you could try installing it

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    • I already have a lot of stuff on the computer and I don't think I could install it even if I wanted to. Could you do it please. Thanks!

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    • as i mentioned in the tutorial, an image of only the background is required for this method which i don't have for your resolution...
      if you can't intall GIMP, you could try to google how to remove backgrounds with photoshop or whatever image manipulation program you have
      (and there's still the option of using the eraser tool if all else fails)

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    • Here's the background picture on my resolution. 
      Chibi Background

      Does it work? If it does could you please do it. Thanks!

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    • Here are two more chibi's you could use. However, if someone wants to add a bigger version of them it's no problem.
      Sora Thief Chibi
       The same applies with the earlier one you helped make.
      Sora Casual (Spring-Summer) with Lab Coat Chibi
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    • A FANDOM user
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