• How do you find the gallery tabber so that you can add a picture to gallery where a picture might be missing, like I wanted to see the new story Sora picture in a separate tab and it brought me to the gallery but then I couldn't find it. Can you help. Thanks!

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    • You can see his CG in a separate tab by right clicking the image and opening the image in a separate tab. Gallery-wise, though, they are in templates named, for example, SoraHarukawaGallery!! - the character's name without spaces, gallery, and then !! for Enstars!! or ! for Enstars!. However, if you are adding missing images, please be very careful when adding; if you don't understand something, please let someone else do it, as the code is fairly fragile and will break easily if there are any input mistakes. If you follow exactly how the other files in that section are coded, though, it should be fine.

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