• I don't know if you recall, or even saw, but some time ago, I requested for KazuGami to revise Arashi's wiki page to be, at least, gender neutral. They were obstinate on the matter, even though there were at the time at least three cases in the Beasts story where it's made clear Arashi's gender is almost certainly not strictly male. For your convenience they are reposted here:

    "(I thought he was just having some small puberty problems, not gut-wrenching gender-related problems like me…)" - Center of the World, Part 4

    "I may not completely get it, but you’re a woman inside, right…?" - Center of the World, Part 7

    "No way, I could never! But, well, I met an awfully charming woman!" - Epilogue

    With the new release of Izumi's D-rank Idol Story, seen here, this makes even less sense. The relevant excerpt is presented below:

    "Hmph. If I remember correctly, doesn't that fashion magazine have a feminine feel to it? Must be nice that it matches your image, Naru-kun." "Yup. I wasn't planning on making my gender identity a selling point, but I was like, sooo totally jazzed to get picked for this♪"

    Additionally, actually reading Arashi's page, which currently doesn't use any pronouns at all for them, is a cumbersome task, because standard speech would quickly replace "Arashi" with some pronoun, gendered or not. Since it doesn't, their page is difficult to read, especially given the extensive material on it.

    I would therefore like to request again that Arashi's page use gender-neutral pronouns. If you do not wish to make this change, I must of course respect that, but I would like to know why, as KazuGami asserted the first time I made this request, the terminology used by fansites holds greater sway than the actual text of the game. Warm regards.

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    • Hello! It's the head mod (Kazugami)'s decision to not allow pronouns on Arashi's page, rather than Kagehirin's. Since you're a mod as well, I figure you might know other admins/mods aren't able to override that decision, but I apologize if this is redundant information/you already are aware of this. (I've talked to Kazu about adding pronouns to her page before, but I can't speak for the other admins.)

      Since it's Kazu's decision, you might want to discuss this over on Kazu's wall, rather than any other admins'. Sorry for the confusion! ;;

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