• I think you're missing some cards because they are not showing up on the card list . Here are pictures of some of the cards you are missing.

    File:Aira 4 star card.png
    File:Hajime 4 star card.png
    File:Hinata 5 star card.png
    Kohaku 4 star card
    File:Mitsuru 4 star card.png
    Natsume 5 star card
    Nazuna 4 star card
    Shinobu 4 star card
    Tori 4 star card
    Tsukasa 5 star card
    Tsumugi 4 star card
    Yuta 4 star card
    You can delete the pictures once done. There are other missing cards but I didn't want to over exaggerate so I only put 12 card pictures for now.
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    • Hello! Thank you for your investment in the Enstars wiki and fandom!

      Some of these cards have already long since been uploaded, so it's possible you might have overlooked them. The others are in the process of being uploaded. There's often only 2 people working on uploading new cards, so it's taking some time to get up the 3-4 new cards for every new character (their 1 star, 2 star, 3 star, and 4/5 star cards, with new cards coming out each event/gacha). We're also working on updating profiles, writing guides, and so on.

      Thank you for checking in though-- it's deeply appreciated! If you want to help with uploading card pages or card images you're welcome to; otherwise, the other cards will be uploaded as soon as we can. I'll also check in as to why certain cards weren't showing up for you in the card list to make sure there's no errors going on there. Thank you again!

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