• Hi I left a reply in the thread about the story layout updates, but wasn't sure if you had seen -- I just wanted to double check if all of the story renders have the same exact file name pattern. Additionally I wanted to ask if those story renders are used on any other pages, or only on the story pages.

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    • Hello-- I'm so so sorry for not replying today! I was busy, but I wanted to let you know I'll head over to give you a proper response tomorrow. As for this:

      Story renders do have one of two patterns:
      - (Card Name) Firstname Lastname [Bloomed] Full Render.png
      - Firstname Lastname Dialogue Render.png

      I believe this is a holdover from before my time-- the first format is used for all card transparents, and those transparents are used as dialogue renders in stories if they dimensions aren't too large. The second format is for cropped transparents and dialogue renders edited from the 2D models.

      Other than gallery pages and some user profile pages, those renders aren't used anywhere else.

      Again, I'm very sorry for the delay, and I'll be back tomorrow. Thank you again for your help!! ;_;

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