• How did you make it so that Midori's main profile page has both the new Ensemble Stars and the old Ensemble Stars? I would like to learn so that I can do it myself on Sora's main profile page. 

    P.S. Sorry if I posted it twice, it just doesn't show on my screen.

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    • (i didn't update his profile page, but i can explain it to you)

      the general structure of the new profile pages is as follows:

      |-|Ensemble Stars!!=
      (new content here)

      |-|Ensemble Stars!=
      (put old content here)
      (if there are sources on the page, put them after the tabber tag)
      (sources here)

      you can use the old profile as guidance, e.g. put the same sections into the new profile (personality, trivia, ...)
      though there are two templates that you can't simply copy: the character nav and the infobox
      for the new character nav use this template and for the new infobox, go to this page and pick the appriopriate one from the infobox section

      hope this helps, if something is not clear to you, feel free to ask

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    • I edited the page and did what you instructed but I'm confused at the new content part and what to add on the Ensemble Stars Basic part. I'm also a little bit confused about the sources. Can you please help by fixing it up and making it neater please. Thank you.

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    • you have to edit the sub page that contains the actual profile code (this page) not the main page
      (to access it type "/Profile" at the end of the URL or right-click on the profile tab and open in new window)
      i updated the structure, so you can fill in the missing info now if you want

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    • Thanks, but I think you missed the beginner 4 star Sora, how do I add it to the box?

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    • A FANDOM user
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