• i'm changing the bg back to white and links back to it was. it makes the other stuff/color pop up more. the purple wont be matching with the rest of the old stuff thats been here. also, please don't change the colors of the Rside and Lside. i'm making it match w/ the official en website :)

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    • Oops, looks like we contacted each other at the same time! As noted on your wall, the layout is fine imo (and I noticed it does look like the site) but people are having trouble reading it! I wasn't happy with my tweaks so I don't mind that you reverted them, and I don't intend to revert them back atm, but the current look of the wiki doesn't seem to be compatible with the needs of its users.

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    • Actually, following up, do you have a discord or anything? This might be easier to chat about in real time rather than through walls.

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    • yah i have discord. wat ur id?

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